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As we learned in Unit 1, one of the ways to help counter the dangers of single stories is to try to listen to people’s stories

Evaluation Title: Personal Narrative Different From Your Own

As we learned in Unit 1, one of the ways to help counter the dangers of single stories is to try to listen to people’s stories, and this week is devoted to understanding the viewpoint of another when in comparison to your own. While you will have a chance to create your own story as a final project in this class, this week you are being asked to research the personal narrative of someone’s who is different than yours. This personal narrative can be in the form of an article, a written story, or even a video. The library resources will be effective in starting your research for this project.

For this assignment, please complete the following requirements: You will need to do research and find someone who has a different personal narrative than your own. This person does not have to be well known, but you will need to find a resource that allows you to discover substantial information about the individual’s life experience so you can compare and contrast it to your own. Look to discover someone who has had a different life experience than your own. You will then need to compare and contrast what differences and similarities that you are able to identify in a written essay and address the following:

What differences does this individual have in comparison to your own?

How might these differences influence the perspectives or viewpoints this person might have?

Do you see any similarities even though you both have had different experiences?

What drew you to the person you choose for this assignment?

Is there something unique that you identify within their personal narrative?

Why did you choose them? Are there any similarities that you can identify in comparison to your own personal narrative? What can you learn about your own personal narrative through the understanding of someone else’s?

How does reading and analyzing these perspectives help you grow in your perspective of others? If reading these perspectives do not help you grow in this way, you are welcome to address the reasons for this lack of growth instead.

Sample Answer

Personal Narrative

According to the personal narrative by Wendy Oborne, there is a description of how the hurricane may a disruption of their regular Christmas get together, which they ritually did as a family (Oborne, 2013). The key difference that the individual has from my one is the fact that they were directly affected by the hurricane. The difference is also existent in the consideration of the issues that the Native Americans deem to be core compared to that of the Hispanics and the Blacks. The differences influence the viewpoints and the perspectives that the author has. Wendy would tend to develop the perspective that the authorities are not doing enough to build their resilience against the natural disasters. The natural disasters are contributory factors to the poverty that the population living around Long Beach is facing.

What drew me to Wendy Osborne are her family history and the Christmas tradition that she prefers to maintain and regularly do as a family. Something unique that can be drawn from the personal narrative is the extent to which they practiced the Christmas rituals faithfully and is majorly devastated at the fact that she could not hold the annual Christmas ritual at the attic. The reason of choosing them is to have an detailed understanding of the culture of the native Americans and their reaction when hit by an natural phenomenon, which they compromises their capability to hold a revered ritual.

Importantly, there are a set if similarities that are in tandem with my personal narrative. The hurricane has once caused a devastating event to our family when we lost a family member during the Hurricane Maria. The description of the description and the temporary life adjustments that they had to do, such as being hosted and living in two rooms on upper floor are descriptions that I can relate with.  The narrative of another person also offers opportunity for one to critique his or her narrative.

The lesson from the reading is that my personal narrative is less detailed. When reading Wendy’s narrative, there is an overall realization of the annual rituals, how the hurricanes impacted them and the life adjustments that they had to make. Such makes it systemic. Additionally, it does not integrate prejudices which would link the suffering of an individual or community to the negligence of the government or lack of equality among various ethnic groups in the United States.

The reading and analysis of the perspectives of other people often tend to help in the shaping of the perspectives that I have of others. The narratives of other people would often tend to demystify the myths that are existent in the society on what one perceives of other people in the society. The recognition that there are problems that cut across and are not left out to a given societal segment leads one to make his personal narrative objective and be devoid of fallacies and exaggeration. Generally, reading about the perspectives that people have would enable one to understand them better and come up with an independent view of approach of the issues that affect different members of the society. Personal narratives are often based on what says or views of self and would be easily likely to be contaminated with exaggeration or half-truths based on the key objectives that the author would want to accomplish.


Oborne, W. (2013). “After Hurricane Sandy, Reclaiming Christmas.” The New York Times. Retrieved from

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