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How It Works

Our free citation creator can automatically generate proper citations for works cited in your paper. The whole process is simple:

  1. You choose the citation style that should be applied to your paper: APA, MLA, Chicago, Turabian or Harvard. If you are not sure which one to choose, you should check your paper instructions or consult your instructor.
  2. You choose a source type from the list. Citations taken from a book, a newspaper article, or an online source have different formats. Make sure you've chosen the right one.
  3. Enter the author's or editor's name, the title of the source, and the year it was published. Also, add the location and the publisher, page numbers, the website address, or any other information, depending on the type of source you choose.
  4. Press “Generate” and a proper citation will appear that is ready to use.


What is in a bibliography?  

Bibliography denotes all the referenced and non-referenced work which an individual lists alphabetically, and which includes the sources where the author borrowed their work. These sources include elements such as the titles of each source, the names of those who authored the sources, and other details including the city of publication. The publications listed as part of the bibliography also contain the article number, the DOI and the number of pages in the case of the journal articles. However, it may also include a listed publications of specific authors within a given subject.

How do I write bibliography?

There are key factors that one has to take into account when writing the bibliography. One of these factors is that there are different formats for writing different forms of sources. The book listed in the bibliography should include the authors’ names, the date of publication, title of the source, and the company that published it. This applies where the APA style is used. When writing a bibliography, still, one has to arrange the sources in alphabetical order, and in a new page. For the journals, the format may include additional information such as the journal’s issue, name, DOI, and volume.   

What is the difference between references and bibliography?

The references differ from the bibliography, and there is only one major way in which the two differ. With the former, for example, the sources referenced in the reference list are all cited in the work. This means that all the in-text citations constitute the references. Sometime, an author may cite all or part of the sources they used, and consult information outside the sources in the reference list. This is known as bibliography. From the definition of the two, it is evident that bibliography encompasses the sources that one manages to consult while searching for information.

What is the meaning of bibliography with examples?

In the academic context, bibliography means alphabetically listed publications, articles and other sources which a researcher managed to consult to come up with an original work. An example is the list of the sources which are listed at the end of an academic paper. This list can also be at the end of a book before the appendix page. An article that includes the list of cited sources, and published on the website equally constitute a bibliography.

Why is bibliography important?  

Bibliography is important for a number of reasons. For instance, it helps give legitimacy to the work that one does in terms of research. If a research does not include a list of resources consulted, this can jeopardize the legitimacy of an academic work. This may lead to a scenario in which individuals may label a work as illegitimate. It also helps provide the link or the critical details of the publications or sources used in the work. This makes it easy for the reader to find the sources, and conduct further investigation. Therefore, they are able to understand the article or the subject explored by the source.

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