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Define the term “community”.Briefly describe the application of epidemiology in community diagnosis.

Please respond to the following questions to the best of your knowledge while keeping in mind that “quality” is more important than “quantity”.

Define the term “community”.Briefly describe the application of epidemiology in community diagnosis.                                     (25 points)

The mechanisms of spreading disease inhuman populations account for the levels of epidemics. Differentiate between (a)common source epidemic, and (b) propagated epidemic.                                                               (10 point)

Often in analyzing epidemiological data, it becomes necessary for the investigator to adjust for rates. Identify and describe two methods for rates adjustment                                                                                      (10 points)

Identify and briefly discuss three factors that contribute to errors in epidemiologic studies of morbidity.                                            (20 points)

The science of epidemiology is distinctively concerned with health and illness in populations and groups by place and time. Using a hypothetical situation, respond to question (A) or (B). (35 points)

(A).Describe how you would use the epidemiologic model toward preventing and controlling a behavioral health problem in an identified human population or group. (Note: In essence, describe the behavioral adaptation of the epidemiologic model and how it can be applied to an identified health problem).


(B). Describe how you would use the epidemiologic approach to develop a health care policy toward preventing and controlling an identified health or social problem in human populations.

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