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Describe the state of the U.S Economy for the Years between 2006 and now

Part 1 Describe the state of the U.S Economy for the Years between 2006 and now

Describe in terms of macroeconomic measures such as (GDP, Unemployment, and Inflation Rates). Use data from the National Bureau of Economic Research and other government agencies and departments such as Department of Labor, Department of Commerce etc.. and present graphs, charts, and/or tables.

From the analysis, the economy passes through different phases and turns, discuss the implications of a given state (for example recession) in terms of households, business and entire society as a whole.

Part 2 Analysis of Economic Policies

Based on research, discuss the underlying causes of the recent recession. Identify monetary and fiscal policies implemented by the Federal Reserve and the government to deal with the recession

Evaluate the expected and actual effects of each policy. Your response needs to included the name of the policy, description of the policy, the year it is implemented, and discussion of expected and actual outcomes in terms of the GDP, unemployment and inflation rates.

After close observation of the different perspectives through the course, share your position on the effectiveness of fiscal and monetary policies to deal with recession or inflation.

Conclude by sharing why understanding the actions and outcomes of these policies matter to individuals in the economic system. How do they affect the society/economy? what could be done differently?

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