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Discuss and explain King’s Conceptual System Theory

APA paper to include a title page, level headings, and a reference page

1.  Discuss and explain King’s Conceptual System Theory.

1.  First explain the 3 systems and provide examples of each system

2.  Explain how the systems influence goal attainment

3.  How could King’s theory help define a clinical quality problem?

4.  Apply this theory to a potential practice quality improvement initiative within your clinical practice.

5.  How could a quality committee align outcomes with King’s Conceptual System Theory?

6.  What additional nursing theory from our readings could also align with an improved quality of practice initiative?

This paper should include 2 outside references and the textbook. This paper should be 1250 to 1500 words in length.

Learning Materials

  • Smith, M. C., & Parker, M. E. (2015). Nursing theories and nursing practice (4th ed.).  Philadelphia, PA: F.A. Davis. Chapters 9 & 14
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