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For this assignment, write an analysis of a controversial issue in tax policy

Assignment.  For this assignment, write an analysis of a controversial issue in tax policy.  Assume your audience is the general public interested in knowing something about the topic, but not quite sure what to think. You can think of this as a long op-ed in the newspaper.

Tax issue to address in this paper:  You have some options.  Choose one of the below.

  1. Should tax policy be used to incentivize the purchasing of homes?\
  2. Should you support a new capital gains tax in Washington State? (For purposes of this essay, assume the new tax would be revenue neutral.  In other words, if passed, it would be offset by cuts in other taxes.)

Format for Paper

  1. Background: Description of current policy and why the question above should be of interest to your audience (1-2 paragraphs). Then state your position in one sentence.  (Something like “In this policy paper, I will be explaining why I believe….”)
  2. Description of different positions on the issue, and reasons or evidence for these positions (2-3 paras). Note this part should be fairly factual.  You are laying out different positions on the topic, highlighting why people disagree.
  3. Your analysis: Explain your position and recommendation, and reasoning for it.  (2-3 paragraphs).
  4. References. List sources cited in your paper.  Please use a standard format (APA, Chicago…I am not particular).

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