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For this discussion you develop a succinct yet complete aim statement.

For this discussion you develop a succinct yet complete aim statement.

Discussion 2.2: Creating Your Aim Statement 

Due: Day 3 and Day 6

A strong, measurable aim with a clear time frame establishes what it is you want to accomplish and will help keep your improvement project on course.


For this discussion, you develop a succinct yet complete aim statement. Complete the Aim Statement Worksheet (Word) (Links to an external site.) for your quality improvement project topic. Post your project’s complete aim statement (the complete aim statement will appear in the last box on the worksheet once you fill it in). Post your aim statement to this discussion to receive peer feedback. Do not submit the full worksheet to the discussion board.

In your responses to two of your peers’ aim statements, address the following questions and make any suggestions for changes:

  • Is the problem or opportunity clearly stated?
  • Do you know what the team is going to do about the problem?
  • Has the team set a numerical goal to quantify the amount of desired improvement?
  • Do you know the calendar date by which the team plans to achieve the goal?
  • Is it clear who will benefit from the improvement?
  • Is the scope of the project clear?
  • Do you know why this improvement effort is important?

Post your original response by the end of Day 3. Then, by the end of Day 6, respond to at least two of your classmates’ posts.

Please Note

  • You will not be able to delete or revise a post after you submit it. It would be in your best interest to spend a couple of minutes reviewing your post before submitting.
  • You will not be able to see anyone else’s posts until you post first. As soon as you submit a post, you will be able to view everyone else’s posts.
  • Refer to Participating in a Discussion Board for a full explanation of discussion board standards.
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