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For this section of the course project you are being asked to address the issue of nepotism

For this section of the course project you are being asked to address the issue of nepotism. Nepotism refers to the practicing of showing favoritism in hiring practices, by choosing family members or close friends over more qualified candidates. The practice also includes showing favoritism with close friends or family members who are already employed with the agency. In a 1-2 page paper include the following:

What are your agency’s policies about hiring friends and family members?

Can a supervisor become romantically involved with a worker?

Can a supervisor socialize with subordinates outside of the work environment?

What are examples of favoritism?


Submission discussed agency policy regarding nepotism specifically for the following.

Hiring family and friends

Supervisor- work dating

Supervisor-subordinate social interaction 50 pts

Submission included detailed examples of favoritism 20 pts

Submission 1-2 page length requirement 20 pts

Submission followed standard mechanics for spelling. punctuation, grammar, and writing styles. 10 pts

When using in-text citation, please reference your sources in APA format

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