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In order to complete the final project and get A on this paper, you have to answer all of these questions and requirements.

The Final Project

In order to complete the final project and get A on this paper, you have to answer all of these questions and requirements.

  1. Define evidence-based practices
  2. Explain the evidence-based practice process including all the following:
  • Formulate your clinical question using (PICO) formula:
    • Patient problem (P)
    • Intervention/s (I)
    • Comparison intervention (C)
    • Outcomes (O)
  • Find the evidence by searching literature database (PubMed, Medline, Ovid, …..)
    • Decide on the database you are going to search
    • Prepare the keywords for your search (including alternative terms or abbreviation)
    • Use Boolean operators (AND, OR, NOT) to further breakdown your search
    • Specify: the time period, language, type of study, …..etc)
  • Analyze an article of your searching results:
    • Assess the evidence
    • Understand and explain the study design and the outcomes being measured
  • Use the research evidence to make an informed decision to implement or forbid the evidence-based intervention
  1. Include a research summary on different evidence based practices that are commonly adopted in healthcare.
  • Search two different evidence based practices that have been used in healthcare field. Use this template and fill-in the following 13 fields (hint: the information will be from the articles)

Template for Decision Aid

Name of the intervention  
Aim of the intervention  
Description: (mode of delivery, frequency, restrictions)  
How it does work?  
Extent of effectiveness  
Goals to be achieved  
What will be the required tasks by the patient/ User to be able to use this intervention effectively?  
Side effects  
Effect on quality of life  
Sources for further information  
Does the article mentioned the alternative options or recommendations  


  1. Select a disease and how it has been impacted by evidence based practices.
  2. Information technology and knowledge management.

(hint: you might use one of the previous articles as an example).  Answer how the tactic and/or explicit knowledge management were conducted to adopt the evidence.

  1. Explain in details how could you search for available evidence base?
  • Formulate your search clinical problem
  • How and why you choose your searching database
  • How are you going to put together your search statement (keywords, alternatives, abbreviation) using Boolean terms
  • Find the evidence of just two articles of the total searched articles. suggest or recommend the evidence-based practice based on the outcomes for the disease of choice.

Finally, follow all the above 6 required steps in detail.


In order to get the final grade on the final project, you have to:

  • Answer all the above questions as indicated
  • Submit the final paper which include: a title page, table of contents page, double spaced 11 font size New Times Romans or Arial fonts, all the citations are in APA format (in-text and in the references section)
  • The above mentioned questions should be sat as heading and should be answered in the same order
  • Plagiarism should be <10%
  • Should be submitted before the due date
  • Your name and the course’s number should be on the submitted paper


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