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Nurses, of all levels of education, must be able to convey information in an articulate

Evidence Based Integration Paper (10% of Grade )

Nurses, of all levels of education, must be able to convey information in an articulate, succinct and confident manner in a variety of clinical and academic settings. Discipline-specific writing promotes critical thinking, which develops the skills of analysis and organization. For this project, you will take on the role of a nurse practitioner treating a patient with a chronic condition. Your patient is not completely satisfied with the treatments you’ve tried and asks about a specific alternative therapy. Unfamiliar with these sorts of therapies, you decide to do some research before making recommendation. In this case, you get to decide what condition your patient has and which intervention he or she is interested in trying. Your objective is to determine whether or not you would recommend the regular treatment either alone or in combination with alternative treatment. The paper should not be more than 4 pages excluding the title page and references. APA format is required with a professional paper, A paper that is judged by the faculty as very poorly written (such things as incomplete sentences, multiple subject/verb errors, unclear wording, multiple spelling errors, and/or combination of these errors) may be returned for revision with an automatic deduction of 25 points that cannot be redeemed. Have someone proof read the paper after you have proof read—it can difficult to recognize your own errors. Please see Assessment Rubric for evaluation criteria. EBI Paper Grading Criteria

Rubric Criteria Points Grade

1 Description of the Chronic condition (including pathophysiology and etiology). 10

2 Definition of the specific treatment options including EBP guidelines and first-line pharmacotherapy. 20

3 Summary of the current research in the specific alternative therapy. This area should include specific research studies, the population description, size (n =) and the results NEED EVIDENCE BASED PRACTICE 20

4 After reading the evidence. What are some non-pharmacological treatment options that you would recommend? 20

5 What did I learn doing this paper? 20

6 On time, APA format, correct grammar and spelling 10

Total :

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