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Post your quality improvement poster by Day 3. By Day 6

Post your quality improvement poster by Day 3. By Day 6

Post your quality improvement poster by Day 3. By Day 6, respond to two peers. Create a video presentation for your poster that “tells the story” of the quality improvement project you have worked on throughout this course. The video should be between 15 and 20 minutes in length.

Construct and deliver your presentation with the following guidelines in mind:

  • Organization: The content of the presentation should be clear, logical, and organized so that your listeners can follow the line of reasoning.
  • Style: The level of presentation should be appropriate for your audience. Your presentation should be a planned conversation paced for your audience’s understanding and not a reading of a paper.
  • Use of Poster/Communication Aids: Use your poster or other communication aids to enhance the presentation. Prepare these visuals in a professional manner so that they are large enough to be seen. Organize the information to maximize audience understanding. Minimize details so that only the main points stand out.
  • Depth of Content: Your presentation should have an introduction that gets attention, lays out the problem well, and establishes a framework for the rest of the presentation. Define any technical terms in a language that is appropriate for your target audience. Include an appropriate amount of material that fully explains the points you are making and reflects their relative importance to the project itself. Provide an accurate and complete explanation of key issues of your quality improvement project. Make sure your solutions draw upon relevant course content that you have learned. Include the application of the model for improvement so that your listeners gain insight.
  • Conclusion: End the presentation with a summary that provides an obvious conclusion.
  • Peer Engagement: Respond to all questions and comments that your peers post in the discussion. Your responses should demonstrate excellent knowledge of the subject matter and familiarity with the project itself.
  • Construction and Quality of Presentation: You should be able to succinctly describe the scope and importance of the project. The content must be clear and easy to understand, coherently organized, and easy to follow. The delivery of the project presentation must be free of technical errors with no spelling or grammatical errors in your poster. Two or more sources should be cited within the poster in APA format.

You must view at least two of your peers’ presentations and interact by asking engaging questions. For example, you could ask about the project’s design, request a deeper explanation of the importance of the problem, question how the solution could be implemented or express concerns you have about implementing the solution, or probe further about whether the issue would apply to other settings or organizations.

Please Note

  • You will not be able to delete or revise a post after you submit it. It would be in your best interest to spend a couple of minutes reviewing your post before submitting.
  • You will not be able to see anyone else’s posts until you post first. As soon as you submit a post, you will be able to view everyone else’s posts.
  • Refer to Participating in a Discussion Board for a full explanation of discussion board standards.
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