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[ANSWERED] Protecting the scope of practice for nurses, particularly advanced practice registered nurses

Protecting the scope of practice for nurses, particularly advanced practice registered nurses, is a major initiative at the American Nurses Association (ANA) 2016. The ANA is working together with our Constituent Member (State) Associations to help remove geographic and practice setting limitations for Advanced Practice Registered Nurses (APRNs). The ANA is working state by state to ensure that state laws affecting APRN’s are both fair and consistent across the country, and that your scope of practice is not unfairly limited.

Discuss how this initiative and how it will impact your future as an APRN and your clinical practice in the state (Maryland State) in which you live. Include sources to support your assignment.

Expert Answer and Explanation

American Nurse Association (ANA) 2016 Initiative

American Nursing Association (ANA) is mandated to develop positions that are relevant to health policies, testing practices and social coercers that affect the health of individuals and families. The association`s position statement provides guidance to the nursing profession, voice the demands of nursing professionals and enlighten the public and decision making on different issues in the discipline. One crucial step in the development of initiatives by the association involves when a relevant issue is approved by the ANA board. This follows that a professional board will formed to help advance the idea. After the panel has come up with its recommendations, the initiative follows the necessary legislative process before it is announced and implemented. Pointedly, the process of development of issues in this regard allows all stakeholders including nursing professionals to voice their concerns.

Protecting APRN of Practice

While different states will have some level of title protection of nursing professionals, a distinct factor lies in the persons with legal authority to regulate the APRN practice (Buppert, 2017). As far as the 2016 initiate is concerned, the ANA has developed a review program pursuant to the recognition of nursing specialty, standards of practice and acknowledgment of focused practice competencies. The ANA 2016 initiate is formed around improving healthcare for all and representing the interests of nursing professionals.

Nursing scope of practice

Nursing professionals operate within set scopes; the scope highlights the services that qualified health professionals are expected to perform-in line with the terms of their professional licensing (Poghosyan, Boyd and Clarke, 2016). The scope “who,” “what,” “when,” “why” and “where” certain undertaking are performed. When all of these questions have been considered, the dynamic considerations in the scope or practice becomes clear.

Nursing practice is a dynamic profession and the health demands are constantly evolving (Poghosyan et al., 2016). This feature changes the scope of practice and overplayed responsibilities. Pointedly, this scope is distinct and depends on the state requirements. For example, a particular area might allow the prescription of a certain level of drugs while another region might restrict this prescription (Fong, Buckley and Cashin, 2015).

Nursing scope of practice Maryland State

The Maryland Nurse Practice Act allows individual scope of practice for individual RN, LPN and APRN which are determined by the professional certification, training and expertise. However, it does not dictate the particular roles and responsibilities of nursing professionals. Maryland allows nursing professionals to practice independently of physicians. The determination for the scope of practice is a responsibility of the individual nursing professional (Gadbois, Miller, Tyler and Intrator, 2015). These professionals are expected to apply decision making tools and mechanisms such as Decision Making Model for Scope of Nursing Practice Decisions which will help them make individual conclusions with regards to the underlying scope of practice.

How will the ANA initiative Impact APRN Future Practice

With the aging population and the overburdened healthcare system, technical development in the healthcare system are barely enough (Kooienga and Carryer, 2015). Nursing professional represent a significant component of this equation, where expertise and knowledge is balanced through care and compassion. As a future APRN, I expect that ANA initiative will help grows the body of evidence to support cost effective and safe provision of healthcare and advance a national move for the management of constraints to full practice authority. Through this, the system will have removed barriers, foster high standards in the nursing practice, bolstering the wellness and health of nurses, promotion of ethical and safe working environments and advocating for the issues that affect the lives of nursing professionals.


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