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Recount the history of project management and explain how it has become a vital and much needed discipline throughout the global marketplace

Recount the history of project management and explain how it has become a vital and much needed discipline throughout the global marketplace. Apply your explanation to the field of information technology by addressing the importance of project management for technology-based initiatives. Provide examples of what makes projects succeed. Provide examples of projects that have failed. Research the project manager skills that are in highest demand and identify 1-2 of these items that you will plan to improve through this course. Paper formatting requirements. The paper should be at least 3 pages. Times Roman 12 point font Double spaced APA format reference citation

Sample Answer

In a person’s life, there are situations that they are involved in a project of any given type. A project is a temporary activity that has a distinct beginning and end and with defined resources and scope (Terzieva, 2014). It is a unique endeavor with specific sets of operations meant to accomplish a singular objective. As such, it usually involves people who do not always work together joining the project team and helping realize the goal. Project management, then, is defined as the application of skills, knowledge, techniques, and tools to project activities in the effort to satisfy project requirements (Too & Weaver, 2014). It is the practice of starting, planning, implementing, controlling, and concluding a team’s work meant to accomplish certain set goals within a constrained timescale and budget. This paper discusses the concept and importance of project management, particularly in the field of information technology.

The field of communication and information technology has developed rapidly over the past few decades. This field is driving many changes in our way of life and most importantly in the business field (Laudon&Traver, 2016). With rapid globalization, business organizations, as well as other institutions, need to embrace information technology so as to remain competitive and offer quality services to people. Because of this, there are numerous IT projects undertaken by organizations across the globe. All these projects necessitate the use of project management to ensure that the adoption of different information technologies is successful. Therefore, it is seen that proper project management is vital to the long-term success of organizations.

Schwalbe (2015) notes that information technology is vital for any organization and with the limited resources and funding it is crucial to ensure that the projects are successful.Therefore, it is necessary to adopt project management when undertaking IT initiatives. Too and Weaver (2014) explain that in order to have successful project management, there are various factors that should be considered namely: have clear project goals and scope; enhance communication among project members and in the organization at large; use a dedicated project team; and have a committed project sponsor.

Despite the importance of information technology, many organizations encounter challenges in executing IT projects within the predetermined budget and time constraints. Studies have shown that the main reason for the failure of IT projects is due to poor project management skills (Emad& Dawson, 2019). In the failed projects, the core problems include poor planning, lack of clarity about specifics of the projects, estimation mistakes, unclear goals and objectives, misalignment, lack of support from workers, and unrealistic resource estimates. Perhaps one famous renowned IT failure is the case of FoxMeyer’s ERP program. In the year1993, FoxMeyer wanted to increase its efficiency and hence purchased a SAP system and a warehouse automation system with the project estimated to cost about $35 million (Widman, 2018). However, 3 years later the company was bankrupt and had to be sold to a competitor. The reason for this failure was an unrealistic timeline, and lack of support from the warehouse workers who felt threatened by the new technology.

In order for one to be an effective project manager, there are various skills that the person should possess including communication, leadership, team management, risk management, personal organization, and negotiation (Too & Weaver, 2014). The skill that I deem most important in my endeavor to become a good project manager is communication. I believe that it is through communication that a project manager explains aspects of the project to other people involved and hence poor communication leads to failure of the project. As such, I plan to sign up for online classes on improving one’s communication skills which would help me become an effective communicator.


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