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Scenario: You are assisting a physician and scribing for him as he examines a patient that arrived in the Emergency Room.

Assignment: Applying Medical Terminology

Scenario: You are assisting a physician and scribing for him as he examines a patient that arrived in the Emergency Room.

Paramedics report the patient Don Smith date of birth (DOB) July 1, 1985, was an unrestrained driver in a motor vehicle accident about 20 minutes ago with a chief complaint pain in the left lower quadrant of his abdomen, left arm, left leg and head. Patient denies any loss of consciousness or dizziness. Vitals were a blood pressure of 165/84, the pulse of 108, breaths of 24, the temperature of 96.8, pulse ox of 98 percent. Splints were placed on the left leg, and the left arm was in a sling. The head was wrapped with gauze with signs of blood.

You are going to create a PowerPoint (10-15 slides with title and reference slides) and use Screencast-o-Matic to record and present this scenario.

  1. Summarize the above Paramedic report using abbreviations for the bolded items.
  2. Create one slide for each of the following system using medical terminology were appropriate:
    1. Integumentary
    2. Musculoskeletal
    3. Cardiovascular
    4. Respiratory
    5. Digestive
    6. Reproductive
    7. Endocrine
    8. Nervous
  3. Your summary slide should indicate the overall condition of the patient and any contemplated treatments.
  4. Some things to consider are patients history:
    1. Diabetes, type I
    2. High blood pressure
    3. High cholesterol
    4. Curvature of the spine
    5. Asthma
    6. GERD
    7. Kidney stones
    8. Depression & anxiety
  5. Initial observations: (You may add any other things you think appropriate)
    1. Cut in the forehead above nose with bump 2 cm to the right side of the cut.
    2. Elbow area black and blue with signs of bone pushing out on the skin.
    3. Discoloration of skin in the abdomen area of pain.
    4. Discoloration of knee area that appears enlarged.

You are expected to correctly pronounce the medical terminology in your presentation with a minimum of 25 different medical terms. Please provide a separate list in the dropbox with the medical term followed by the breakdown of the term in parentheses. (prefix, root/combining form, suffix)

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