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Learning Objective: The purpose of the assignment is to give students deeper learner in the topic of leadership as well as to develop insights into their own leadership aspirations and competencies. You will explore how different factors influence a person’s leadership.

Assignment Instructions: You will use scholarly research conducted on two questions related to leadership. Every student will learn how age impacts leadership and each student will then select either personality or gender for further study and conduct a comparative analysis of your findings; explore the influences on your personal leadership style; and evaluate how to improve your leadership using the video as a reference.

Required Elements:

  1. Comparative Analysis

You will conduct a comparative analysis of two research articles (the one included and one of your choice) discussing which article has more face validity, that is, seems to be a more accurate or powerful influencing agent on leadership. You will use a critical eye to evaluate and draw conclusions about which of the two variables you researched (either personality, age or gender) is a stronger predictor of leadership style, using arguments presented in your articles (primarily) and illustrations from your own work experience (secondarily). Make sure to address the following questions in your analysis. How did your understanding of leadership change when you considered the main points of each of your articles? Which variable do you think is more influential on a person’s leadership style and why?

  1. Personal Leadership Style

In what ways do you see your own leadership style influenced by each of these three variables: your personality, your age and your gender?

  1. Video Application

Watch the video, Nurturing Leadership, which can be found in the Galileo multimedia section in the Films on Demand database (Laker ID and password required):

Referring to the video, discuss each of the following three categories as they relate to yourself: leadership skills, leadership qualities and leadership behaviors. For each of these categories, identify and discuss which components within each category that you would like to develop and/or reinforce in yourself (e.g., compassion is one leadership quality listed in the video). State why you selected these specific factors and how you would demonstrate these in practical ways in your environment.


  1. Cite the 2 scholarly sources you used in your literature review assignment plus your textbook, for a total of three (3) within the body of your paper (citations) and referenced at the end.
  2. Minimum 2000 words, excluding the title page and reference page.
  3. Use the mechanics of good writing (spelling, grammar, headings, etc.) and
  4. APA format on white paper (12-point Times New Roman font, double spaced, 1-inch margins on all sides, indenting five spaces for each new paragraph with no extra line spaces between paragraphs).
  5. Your paper should include subheadings for each of the three required elements.


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