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Thesis Statement

What is a thesis statement?

When introducing a paper, the writer writes a thesis statement. This statement communicates the writer’s stance or views regarding a subject they are writing about including an overview of the points which support their position on the same subject. This statement presents a claim, and answers a question pertaining to the research question (Smith et al., 2017). Within an introductory paragraph, it can be the last statement following the purpose statement. However, this is not mandatory.

How do you write a thesis statement?

Following certain key steps can help one come up with a thesis statement. The first step involves restating the question or the idea presented in the question. After restating this idea, one adopts a view about the issue, and they provide main arguments to back up their opinion concerning the issue. They then put together the idea and the supporting points into a single sentence that provides a candid explanation of their position, and arguments why they decided to adopt the same position. Therefore, one should consider these elements when they want to develop the thesis statement (Smith et al., 2017). You can as well use our thesis statement generator.

What are the parts of a thesis statement?

In a paper, there are three key sections which make up a thesis. These include the author’s precise view about the issue, the topic, and the blueprint for reasoning. The topic is what the research or the paper is about or what it focuses on. The precise opinion is the view that is presented regarding the question. For example, a publication that challenges biasness in terms of a particular subject is viewed. The reasoning blueprint includes arguments put forth to legitimize the author’s opinion. Considering a question that prompts one to state whether having a smartphone is better than not having a smartphone, one would need to take a stand after stating the topic, and then provide reasonable views concerning the issue (Smith et al., 2017).

How long is a thesis statement?

One sentence is usually used when writing a thesis statement. This applies when writing a standard length paper. However, more than one sentence can be used when developing the statement, only for detailed research papers. A research that extensively covers a paper, for example, can have a thesis that goes beyond one sentence. It can be written in a 30-40 words depending on the question being answered.

What are the five elements of a thesis?

A thesis comprises of the various elements including the issue. The issue in this case means the idea being explored by the thesis. The context is another element that forms part of the thesis. The context also means the theme or the setting of the study. Texts, still, is part of the thesis, and it communicates what the thesis is about. Additionally, it includes the methodology which basically is the method the researcher adopts to answer the question. Furthermore, there is the voice which can either be active or passive. Using the former is more important because it can help one come up with a strong thesis.


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