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Thinking about your experiences completing this self-awareness experience

Thinking about your experiences completing this self-awareness experience

In this assignment, you will apply content from last week’s assigned website for this assignment: Project Implicit (Links to an external site.)

Last week, you read several assigned pages from the Project Implicit (Links to an external site.) website and gained a sense of the Impact projects and the tests being offered. Click the test link, read the advisory message, and then take at least one test of your choice.

You will use the results of your test(s) to complete your brief self-reflection paper. Your responses will only be viewed by the faculty.

  • Which test did you take? Why did you choose this test?
  • What, if anything, surprised you about the results of your test? Please explain your answer. (You do not need to disclose your actual results unless you choose to.)
  • To what extent do you believe the results accurately describe you?
  • Each person’s implicit bias is based upon a lifetime of experiences. How do you think you came to develop your present implicit biases? If your IATresults do not indicate a bias in your chosen area, what area do you feel you might be most prone to bias and why?
  • Thinking about your experiences completing this self-awareness experience, as well as the 10 Lenses activity from last week, what have you learned about yourself as a result? Do you see a connection between this type of self-reflection and cultural humility? Why/why not?
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