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Using finite capacity scheduling, draw a Gantt chart for the schedule

Assignment Question(s):                                                     (Marks 5)

Question 1:

Sequence the jobs shown below by using a Gantt chart. Assume that the move time between machines is one hour. Sequence the jobs in priority order 1, 2, 3, 4.

Job Work Center/Machine Hours                                  Due Date (days)
1 A/3, B/2, C/2 3
2 C/2, A/4 2
3 B/6, A/1, C/3 4
4 C/4, A/1, B/2 3


  1. Using finite capacity scheduling, draw a Gantt chart for the schedule (Marks 0.5)
  2. What is the makespan? (Marks 0.5)
  3. How much machine idle time is there? (Marks 0.5)
  4. How much idle time (waiting time) is there for each job? (Marks 0.5)
  5. When is each job delivered? (Marks 0.5)
  6. Which department is the bottleneck? (Marks 0.5)
  7. Calculate the machine utilization? (Marks 0.5)

Question 2:

A public accounting firm requires the following activities

for an audit:

Activity Immediate Predecessor Activity time
A 3
B A 2
C 5
D B, C 2
E A 4
F B, C 6
G E, D 5


  1. Draw a network for this project? (Marks 0.5)
  2. Make a forward pass and a backward pass to determine ES, LS, EF, and LF? (Marks 0.5)

What are the critical path? (Marks 0.5)

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