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[ANSWERED] Visit two e-commerce websites of your choice, and apply the social marketing process model

Visit two e-commerce websites of your choice, and apply the social marketing process model (outlined on pp. 431–432) to both. Critically compare and contrast the effectiveness of these sites in terms of the dimensions of the social marketing process. Address the questions below in your paper. How well do these sites acquire fans, generate engagement, amplify responses, create a community, and strengthen their brands? What recommendations can you make for these sites to improve their effectiveness at a global and local level?

Your paper must be at least three pages in length; the title and reference pages do not count toward meeting the minimum length requirement. Make sure your essay follows APA format. You must use a minimum of two external sources, which can include the two websites that you choose to review. All sources used, including the textbook, must be referenced; paraphrased and quoted material must have accompanying citation

Expert Answer and Explanation

Ecommerce Based

Ecommerce websites serve as the facilitators of efficiency in product acquisition using online solutions. Amazon is an example of an ecommerce website that allows customers to acquire goods of all types from the comfort of their homes (Giraud, Thérouanne, & Steiner, 2018). This essay explores two of the most popular ecommerce websites, Bliss and New Chapter, using the social marketing model and critically assesses the effectiveness of the dimensions of the sites using the social marketing process.

How the Sites Generate Engagement, Acquire Fans, Amplify Responses, Strengthen their Bands and Create a Community

New Chapter is a P&G brand that focuses on providing fitness solutions to a different range of customers. One of the ways in which the site generates engagement is by providing a personalized experience for the customers, making them fulfil their responses in an easy way. Specifically, customers who visit the site to seek fitness solutions can access their own-adventure experiences and hence fulfilling all their prospects through the products of the company. To strengthen the company brand, the website offers rigorous A/B testing geared at generating the best user experience (Li et al., 2017). The website also uses categorization through things such as allowing visitors to access supplements based on their tastes, nutritional value and dietary needs. Lastly, the brand acquires fans and creates a community by having the relevant education that allows visitors to understand the way nature and benefits of their different products.

Bliss, on the other hand, generates engagement through its excellent design. It takes the form of an energizing and youthful spa shop in which it has bright colors that encourages exploration, engagement, and purchase. The color scheme and the photography employed in the website helps the customers to understand the products in a better way. Also, the ecommerce website has a powerful way of creating a community and acquiring fans through the presence of interactive social bases.

Recommendations to Improve the Sites at Global and Local Level

Both websites can improve in a large way at a local and global level through several changes. The first one is reducing the procedures involved in the checkout system. One of the reasons why Amazon is preferred by many customers is the fact that one does not have to go through a lot of trouble in the checkout of products. Bliss and New Chapter require users to upload much of their details before making a payment, and this may discourage users who are sensitive about submitting their personal financial data on ecommerce websites.

Another improvement that could be employed by Bliss is introducing strategies of getting personal with the customers (Jindal & Sardana, 2020). New Chapter have a welcome message to anyone who visits the sites, and there is a window in which customers can be directed to the specific products they need. Bliss should treat customers in the website like people who visit a warehouse that is not labelled, and hence need direction, and this way, they would achieve more customer engagement.

Lastly, both ecommerce websites need to improve their navigation through introduction of relevant filtering options. Most of the time, customers who fail to find the products they need within the first few minutes of search tend to give up the search (Agarwal & Agarwal, 2017). By improving the search options by adding relevant filters such as the price range and product types, these websites would be sure to improve their popularity at global and local levels.


Agarwal, D., & Agarwal, R. (2017). Indian E-Commerce Websites Not Obliged To Conduct Preventative Filtering For Listings Of Infringing Goods. Journal of Intellectual Property Law & Practice12(6), 462-464.

Giraud, S., Thérouanne, P., & Steiner, D. D. (2018). Web Accessibility: Filtering Redundant And Irrelevant Information Improves Website Usability For Blind Users. International Journal of Human-Computer Studies111, 23-35.

Jindal, H., & Sardana, N. (2020). Web Navigation Prediction Based On Dynamic Threshold Heuristics. Journal of King Saud University-Computer and Information Sciences.

Li, P., Wu, C., Zhang, S., Yu, X., & Zhong, H. (2017). Mining Users’ Preference Similarities In E-Commerce Systems Based On Webpage Navigation Logs. International Journal of Computers Communications & Control12(5), 661-676.


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