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What are the policy implications of Braithwaite’s reintegrative shaming theory?

Theoretical Criminology

DB8.1: Shaming
What are the policy implications of Braithwaite’s reintegrative shaming theory? Give examples how this can negatively affect an individual and examples how it can positively affect an individual. Explain what you would do to not negatively affect an individual in the examples you gave.

DB8.2: Assessing
After going through all the theories in this course, do you believe that the theories actually explain what the issues are and how to solve them or just make things more confusing? What theory do you like the best and why?

Art History II

DB8.1 discussion
Let’s take a look at the extensive career of Helen Frankenthaler (1928-2011), who found a way to incorporate all of the innovative techniques artists were experimenting with starting in 1945.  Her paintings have elements of action painting, abstract expressionism, color-filed painting, non-objective subject matter.  They are also aesthetically pleasing to a large audience.  Search for a Frankenthaler painting online, or even an image of her working on a painting, post it and discuss which of these new techniques in art making you see her using. Be sure to cite your resource(s) and properly give credit where credit is due!

Unit 8.2 Discussion Forum
Now we are getting to a point in art history where we have to talk about art in a different way than before.  There’s a lot involved in the process and the intention of the art that isn’t always clearly identified.  Let’s talk about that process of trying to figure out what abstract art is all about.  After going through this Unit, do you think you could go to a modern art museum and try to understand what’s going on?  Do you think you have the tools needed to ask the right questions, look for the right clues, and understand something new?

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