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Each year, thousands of people become American citizens. Thousands more native born Americans become full citizens when they tum 18 and can vote.

Each year, thousands of people become American citizens. Thousands more native
born Americans become full citizens when they tum 18 and can vote. What should these
new citizens know about the history of their country? What events will help inform them
as they participate in Anerican democracy and society?
For example, what lessons can new citizens take from the internment of Japanese
Americans during World War ll? What lessons can they leam from the rise of totalitarian
regimes in the 1930s and the U.S. response?
For this portfolio, you will choose a topic and resources fora research paper and write a
works cited page. The paper will focus on a specific historical event and its importance
to American citizens. Your paper will answer the question: Why should American citizens
leam about this event?
You willcomplete Part 1 of the Unit 1 portfolio as follows:
. Choose a topic or event
. Choose resources for research
Write a works cited page
Step {: Choose a topic or event to rcsearch
Choose a topic or event to research. Here are some suggestions:
. The Espionage Act of 1917 and The Sedition Act of 1918

A specific New Dealprogram, such as the\AfPA
. Japanese-AnericanlntemmentCamps
. The Dropping of Atomic Bombs on Hiroshirna and Nagasaki
. Senator McCarthy’s anti-Communist hearings
. Various Civil Rights Movements
. The Watergate Scandal
Another event of your choice (check with your teacher for approval)
Write down your event and one or two sentences desuibing why you have chosen this
event. You will submit this to your teacher with your works cited page.
Step 2: Ghoose your resources
Next choose the resources you will need for your research. Use what you learned in the
World War llthrough Primary Sources lesson as a guide. Use the following guidelines as
you choose your sources.
. You need to have at least five different sources of information.(Note: You may
use yourtextbook, but it should not be included in the five sources.)
Two of the sources need to be primary sources.
Two of the sources need to be print sources, such as books or magazine
There are many sources of information about events during this time period, including
your textbook, Discovery EducationrM, and Grolier Online@ (linked from your LMS home
page). Below is a list of other resources:
. Many PBS documentaries have companion websites with useful information.
. The Library of Congress has many primary sources from this time period.
. Ask the librarian at your local library to help you find books and articles on your
Step 3: Complete a works cited page
Once you have chosen your resources, you will need to create a works cited page to
submit to your teacher.
Works Cited Page Guidelines
. Your works cited page should be typed.
. Your works cited page should be written in ML,A format.
Select the link in the lesson to read an explanation of why we make works cited pages
and how to make one.

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