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You will need to research a company that is within the 150 mile radius of campus.  This is approximately the Colorado river to the east, the US/Mexico border to the south,

Due Date: No Exceptions!

This project is to help you apply your previous coursework from HRT 276 combined with relating what you have learned in HRT 281.  You will demonstrate: menu planning, recipe scaling, recipe costing, and creation of requisition sheets. This project will also introduce you to local, seasonal and sustainable sourcing of ingredients.


  1. This project will allowyou to illustrate your creativityby developing a local (all items must be grown raised and/or produced with-in 150 miles from Cal Poly Pomona) and seasonal menu with a sustainable focus.
  2. This project will enable you to apply skills and abilities from all previous coursework including HRT 2810..
  3. In this project, you will research, analyze, and utilize sustainability concepts as it applies to the hospitality industry.

Please make sure your project has delivered the following components:

Introduction -5 pts.

Please introduce your menu and it’s features. You can think of this as a presentation, or as a server talking to a table and describing what sets your restaurant or menu apart from the rest. Discuss seasonality, local sourcing and sustainability.

Menu Categories – 5 pts

  • Seasonal Appetizer
  • Seasonal & Sustainable Entrée (main ingredient only)
  • Seasonal Dessert


  • Fall – September 22nd – December 20th,
  • Winter December 21st – March 20th,
  • Spring March 21st – June 21st
  • Summer June 21st – September 22nd.

All seasonal products must be in season, for the entire season or you must list substitutions. Please refer to blackboard resources for seasonality of produce.

  • Examples – Salmon’s season is May to August. Mustard Greens are only in season from May to October, in California. So you would need to list an appropriate substitution.

Menu Descriptions – 5 pts

All menus items must be described as you would see on a restaurant menu. The entrée description must include what makes it sustainable.

Sustainability Source& Sustainable Protocols – 25 pts

You will need to research a company that is within the 150 mile radius of campus.  This is approximately the Colorado river to the east, the US/Mexico border to the south, the Pacific ocean to the west, and Bakersfield to the north.  You will need to first define the term sustainability as it pertains to anything we consume.  Then begin your research for companies that follow a similar strategy.  Please include a description of what the company does from a sustainability perspective.  You can cut and paste their information just make sure to cite your source!  Additionally, include their website address.  Below is an example of a company that practices sustainability.

The sustainable entree recipe or recipes must include reference to sustainable items. Simply listing ground beef is not acceptable. It must state your specific ground beef. For example if we were in San Francisco, you could list Niman Ranch ground beef, since it was raised with-in 150 miles of the city and all ranchers associated with the brand must follow certain animal protocols listed below:

  • Animal feed is all vegetarian. No animal products other than milk for lambs.
  • Animals must be humanely raised on environmentally sustainable ranches.
  • No antibiotics, except in individual cases to treat illness. However, the company does use “antimicrobials”, which were forbidden under Bill Niman’s watch.
  • No ionophores, or hormone supplements.
  • Animals are individually pre-approved and must be traceable to the farm where they were born.
  • All vitamins, minerals, and other supplements must be approved.
  • When it cannot purchase all available supply Niman Ranch favors full-time family farmers.
  • Pens and other enclosures and facilities must allow animals to express their natural behaviors.
  • Animals remain with their social groups.
  • There are other standards with respect to pen sizes, bedding, bunks, shade, water, treatment of sick or injured animals, and herding practices.
  • Niman Ranch inspects each supplier for adherence to the protocols. Hog farmers are audited yearly for compliance with the Animal Welfare Institute rules for ethical treatment.
  • Angus, Hereford, and Shorthorn cattle graze on pasture for 14–18 months. When they reach 900 pounds, they are “finished” on a diet of barley, corn, wheat, soy, molasses, and hay.

Sustainable Recipes – 10 pts

Must be supported with, where you will purchase your products and where the products originated.

  • Example – Cal Poly Pomona Pumpkins, purchased at the Farm store. .

You must have a complete plate. Do not forget garnishes, sauce, starch and vegetable.

Menu Project Grading Rubric

  Points Available Score
Introduction 5  
Menu Categories 5  
Menu Descriptions 5  
Sustainable Source/Protocols 25  
Recipes including sustainable ingredient 10  
Total 50  
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