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Your company has been awarded a contract to assess a new Northern terminal at East Midlands Airport. the options for integration to the existing

Programme Title(s):             MSc in Civil and Construction Management

Programme Code:                 MK2AC


                                                     AND SUSTAINABLE DESIGN

Module Code:                      7BU506

Module Leader:                    D. Spalton

Assignment No:                   One

Assignment Title:

Additional Terminal Capacity Preliminary Design

Weighting:                                 50%

Issue Date:          

Hand-in Date:     


The aim of this paper is to gain detailed understanding of the management and design of transport infrastructure in the 21st century using design standards and working with the environment to deliver cost effective, safe and sustainable projects.

Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of the assignment, the student should be able to:-

  1. Critically analyse the road, rail and water systems which together form the majority of the UK transport infrastructure, including composition, life cycle costs, and engineering interfaces.
  2. Apply appropriate environmental assessments, legislation, and financial monitoring, to the delivery and operation of transport infrastructure schemes.

The Brief

Your company has been awarded a contract to assess a new Northern terminal at East Midlands Airport. the options for integration to the existing transport network, including alignment, at grade junctions and links to the existing terminal provision.

You are advised to propose two options and draw attention to the environmental impacts of your design

Any solution will need to be multimodal and should not impact greatly on the existing road network. The route needs to pick up traffic from the surrounding network.

You have been supplied with links to documentation for the existing network but will need to consider the effect on various forms of transport and indicate the likely capacity and negative impacts of your proposals

Your submission can include supporting drawings and statistical/financial data. You are encouraged to suggest likely costs and funding sources for any proposals.

Your work will need to focus on the following:

  • Sustainability                                      25%
  • Safety impacts                                    15%
  • Legislative/Financial limitations        15%
  • Transport integration                          25%
  • Route drawings                                   20%


Reading Materials

Slinn & Guest & Matthews (2005) Traffic Engineering Design

Kendrick P (2005) Roadwork Theory and Practice  5th Ed

O’Flaherty C (2001) Highways

Watson J  (1994) Highway Construction & Maintenance

Banister D & Button K (1996) Transport, the Environment and Sustainable Development, London, Spon

Perrals A et al, (2008), Building Blocks for Sustainable Transport, Obstacles, Trends, Solutions, Bingley, Emerald

Headicar P (2007) Transport Policy and Planning in Great Britain, Oxon, Routledge

Note:   These sources are guides only to commonly available material.  Students will also be expected to consult other relevant source material.

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