[ANSWERED 2023] Briefly describe your chosen company. Identify potential problems or issues (current or future) that your company might address if followers do not respectfully adhere to the demands of their leaders. 

Briefly describe your chosen company. Identify potential problems or issues (current or future) that your company might address if followers do not respectfully adhere to the demands of their leaders.

Briefly describe your chosen company. Identify potential problems or issues (current or future) that your company might address if followers do not respectfully adhere to the demands of their leaders

Leaders in organizations commonly supervise a number of subordinates who may also be referred to as their followers. Using the CSU Online Library, explore topics associated with leadership behavior, followership behavior, and how followers are affected by leadership. Then, select a company that is of interest to you, and respond to the following questions/topics.

  • Briefly describe your chosen company. Identify potential problems or issues (current or future) that your company might address if followers do not respectfully adhere to the demands of their leaders.
  • Explain how followers can influence the behavior of leaders.
  • Analyze how different types of leadership styles can affect the motivations, behaviors, and performances of followers.
  • What might this company do in the future to improve leadership training methods and performance measures for all workers? Include your rationale.

Your APA-formatted response must be a minimum of two pages in length (not including the title page and the references page) and must include an introduction, a thesis statement (concise summary of the main point of the paper), and a clear discussion of the topics above. Your response must include a minimum of two credible references. All sources used must be referenced; paraphrased and quoted material must have accompanying citations.

Expert Answer and Explanation

Leaders and Followers’ Roles

For an organization, having motivated staff can lead to the increase in the productivity, and reduce the turnover rates. A leader’s role is crucial when it comes to improve motivation among workers, and for the leader, validating employees’ work and efforts, can help motivate workers. However, the behaviors which a leader adopts or displays can affect this motivation.

Surprisingly, employees play an important role in influencing the leader’s behavior, and this therefore underscores the need for the followers to positively contribute to shaping the behavior of their leader (Steinmann, Klug, & Maier, 2018). It is imperative to examine Amazon Company, describe the leader-employee conflict as a potential issue in the organization, and assess the way followers can impact the leader’s behavior.

Company Description

Amazon majors in selling products online, and it operates as a marketplace where individuals or businesses can sale various products. It tops the online retain industry, and it is worth $1.7 trillion. The company initially started as an online bookstore in 1994, and expanded over the years, and currently, it sales and ships electronics, among other products.

The company has a history of leveraging technology to grow, and currently, it provides services such as Artificial Intelligence solutions. It equally provides a platform for cloud computing, and generates revenue by providing the platform where businesses, or sport companies can live-stream games or ongoing business programs or meetings.

The Potential Issues which the Company should address

While Amazon has managed to sustain expanded growth, it is not immune to the challenges such as leader-employee wrangles which occur because of the worker refusing to adhere to the leaders’ demands. This particular issue poses a threat to the company because it can hamper the efforts focused on improving the company’s productivity and performance. To address this issue, the company will need to encourage the leader to maintain boundaries, and create a work environment that encourages workers to share their concerns or views regarding organization’s procedures (Peyton, Zigarmi, & Fowler, 2019).

Role of Followers in influencing Leaders’ Behaviors

The followers’ role is important in shaping the behaviors of their leader. For the followers, giving a leader feedback can help the latter know whether they are doing certain things right. The feedback from these employees can also help a leader determine whether they need to change their behavior so that they can relate well with their followers. As a follower, an employee may shape how their leader behaves in terms of how they relate with the leader (Sfantou et al., 2017). When a follower demonstrates traits such as trust and honesty, a leader can emulate such an employee.

Impact of the Different Leadership Styles

The style a leader adopts can help motivate employees, influence their behaviors as well as performance. With servant leadership, for instance, a leader becomes more focused in mentoring others, and demonstrating to their followers how they can approach certain organizational issues. This help build a well-behaved and motivate team of workers who can perform better. With authoritarian leadership, however, this may lead to workers forcing their views on others. This may further lead to less motivation, and reduced level of performance (Belrhiti et al., 2020).

The Changes needed for the Company to improve Leadership Training

For the company to optimize the outcomes of the leadership training, and performance, it will need to involve workers in all aspects of the training operations. By doing this, these workers will provide input, and views on the best method for training.


In conclusion, followers should make efforts to shape the way their leaders think and behave, and they can do this by providing feedback, and building positive relationships with their leaders. In Amazon, the failure of the employees to comply with what their leader’s command can jeopardize the efforts focused on improving performance. Thus, the firm’s workers should support the leader, and adopt desirable practices which motivate their leader.


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What outcomes may be seen from promoting the leader follower relationship?

Promoting a strong leader-follower relationship can have several positive outcomes, such as:

  1. Increased trust: A strong relationship between a leader and their followers can build trust, which is essential for effective teamwork and productivity.
  2. Better communication: When there is a good leader-follower relationship, communication tends to be more open and effective. Followers are more likely to feel comfortable sharing their ideas and concerns with the leader, and the leader is more likely to be receptive and responsive.
  3. Improved motivation: A leader who has a good relationship with their followers can motivate them to work harder and be more engaged in their work.
  4. Increased loyalty: When followers feel that their leader values them and their contributions, they are more likely to remain loyal to the leader and the organization.
  5. Higher job satisfaction: A positive leader-follower relationship can lead to higher levels of job satisfaction among followers, which can lead to lower turnover rates and increased productivity.



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