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[ANSWERED] Identify a population to assess and develop an evidence-based, primary care health promotion

Identify A Population To Assess And Develop An Evidence-Based, Primary Care Health Promotion Recommendations To Deliver In Their Own Communities (Ex: Hispanics-Diabetes, Africanamericans And Prostate Cancer,Etc).

This An Example Of An Student Posting:

Each Population Has Some Specific Health Issues That Can Require Health Promotion Programs. American Indian Population Attracts Attention In This Context Because Of The Specific State Of Affairs. Although This Population Has Several Main Health Issues For Which Health Promotion Can Be Required, All These Issues Can Be Solved By Following The Directions That Cause A Generally Healthy Lifestyle.

According To The U.S. Department Of Health And Human Services (N.D.), The Main Issues In The American Indian Population Is Diabetes, Obesity, And Tobacco Use. Even Though Those Are Three Different Issues, The Health Promotion For Solving Them Is Quite Similar. Such Promotions Have To Be Generally Focused On A Healthy Lifestyle. This Means Healthy Nutrition – Less Fat And Sweet Food And More Healthy Food And Balanced Nutrition. The Next Item Is Physical Activity – Starting With Such Common Advice As More Walking And Ending With Making Sport A Healthy Habit. This Advice Is Also Helpful For Coping With Tobacco Use. This Habit Often Appears When A Person Has Stress With Which It Is Hard To Cope. However, Sport Is Helpful In Decreasing The Level Of Stress, And Therefore, It Can Be Useful To Break The Smoking Habit. Therefore, One Can See That Advice Directed On Causing A Healthy Lifestyle Is Helpful For Coping With Health Issues, Widespread In The American Indian Population.

This Way, One Can See That Even Though The American Indian Population Has Several Main Health Issues That Can Require Healthcare Promotion Programs, All These Issues Can Be Solved By Following The Directions That Cause A Generally Healthy Lifestyle. The Issues Of Diabetes, Obesity, And Tobacco Can Be Solved With Healthy Nutrition And Physical Activity.

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Health Promotion. Retrieved 20 March 2020, from
Expert Answer and Explanation

Health promotion for Hispanics Population

Different populations grapple with different health issues, and for the Hispanics, diabetes presents a major health concern. Although this population is at risk of developing various conditions linked to individual lifestyle behaviors, diabetes seems to be the most prevalent disease in this group. This group constitutes individuals of various sub-ethnic groups including Mexicans, Cubans and Puerto Ricans. In the United States (U.S.), 4 in 10 adults are at risk of developing the disease. Among members of the Hispanics communities, however, 1 in 2 adult individuals are likely to develop the disease (Center for Disease Control and Prevention, 2019).

Certain key factors may explain the high incidences of the disease among members of the Hispanic population. Genetics play a role in the development of this clinical condition. While the degree of impact of the gene on the risk is unclear, it is possible that genetics plays a role in the development of the illness.  However, food can also explain the high risk of the disease in this group. Individuals who are members of this culture eat food that is high in calories and fat, and based on this culture, it is wrong for one to throw away food (Center for Disease Control and Prevention, 2019). This is the reason behind high rates of obesity in the population. Therefore, it is also possible that high cases of obesity in this group causes an increase in high rates of diabetes.

Because of the high rates of diabetes in this group, there is need to promote the health of the Hispanics through education. The goal of the education is to bring the change of behavior, and empower Hispanics to learn how they can manage their own health. For example, they can learn how to integrate physiotherapy into their personal health promotion plan (U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, 2020).


Center for Disease Control and Prevention. (2019). Hispanic/Latino Americans and Type 2 Diabetes.

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