[ANSWERED 2023] Using the Marketing Plan Outline

Using the Marketing Plan Outline

WHAT: Using the Marketing Plan Outline on pages 84-66 in Chapter 2, create a Marketing Plan for a health care provider of your choice (real or fictional).  See Exhibit 1-1 on page 25 for some examples of “primary providers” – use one of these types of providers.

The Marketing Plan should include the following sections:

I. Management Summary

II. Economic Projections

III. The Market – Qualitative

IV. The Market – Quantitative

V. Trend Analysis

VI. Competition

VII. Problems and Opportunities

VIII. Objectives and Goals

IX. Action Programs

WHEN: You should have already posted your topic during Week One.  Your final project will be due on Saturday of Week 4.

WHERE: Post the Marketing Plan as a Word document by clicking on the title above Week 4 Final Project.

Final Project Grading Criteria:

Marketing Plan Content: 50 points possible

Followed Guidelines: 20 points possible

Grammar/Spelling: 20 points possible

Creativity: 10 points possible

Total: 100 points possible

Using the Marketing Plan Outline

Expert Answer and Explanation

Marketing Plan for NHC Place at Cool Springs HealthCare

Overview of the Organization

NHC Place at Cool Springs HealthCare is a private long-term care facility providing nursing care and therapy services to patients with long-term health problems and senior people in Franklin, Tennessee, a city with a population of about 83,454. The healthcare facility was started in 1971 as part of a larger corporation known as the National HealthCare Corporation (NHC) by Dr. Carl E Adams, a community leader in Murfreesboro and a physician.

The facility is home to a 180-bed post-acute 24-hour skilled nursing HealthCare Center. It provides care to people to need skilled nursing care after a serious illness, joint replacement surgery, stroke, and a cardiac procedure. The facility has a team of specialized nursing practitioners, physicians, therapists, and nurses. It provides 24-hour nursing care using licensed nursing professionals.

Services provided by the facility include diabetes management, ambulatory care, memory care, high acute care, staffing and ancillary services, incontinence care, and medication management. It also provides specialized care services such as podiatry care, wound care, IV therapy, psychological services, and pain management. The vision of the facility is to provide care to all patients in a better way every day. The current strategic plan of the facility is to expand its services to Brownsville, Haywood County, Tennessee.

Management Summary

The healthcare facility is managed by a board of directors. The chairman of the board is Robert G. Adams. Stephen F, Flatt is the Chief Executive Officer & Inside Director of the healthcare facility. Other leaders of the organization are Vicki Dodson, Senior Vice President, Patient Service, Michael Ussery, Senior Vice President & Treasurer, Jeffrey R. Smith, Senior Vice President & Chief Information Officer, B. Anderson “Andy” Flatt, President & Chief Operating Officer, Bubba McIntosh, Senior Vice President, Ancillary Services and Service Strategy, and Brian F. Kidd, Senior Vice President, Controller & Principal Accounting Officer.

Economic Projections 

Economic projections show that economic factors that will affect the marketing of the healthcare facility’s services in the coming years. One of the factors that will impact the marketing of NHC Place at Cool Springs HealthCare’s service is inflation. There has been a rise in inflation in recent years. Adam et al. (2022) noted that the cost of commodities has increased since 2020. The authors noted that covid-19 impacted production and thus decreased the number of goods in the market.

As a result, the supply of goods decreased and demand and prices increased. The rising costs of oil will also affect the marketing of the facility’s services. increasing oil services will increase the cost of transporting drugs and other healthcare facility equipment to the new city and this will increase marketing costs.

The business expectations will also impact the marketing of NHC Place at Cool Springs HealthCare’s service. The facility expects to attract customers from all over Haywood County by the end of the year. As such, the facility’s management will increase financial support for a marketing campaign. The facility aims to capture a huge market share in Haywood County.

The Market – Qualitative

Demographics is defined by Sánchez-Cabrero et al. (2018) as information used by marketers to describe populations affected by the marketing plan. According to the authors, marketers must understand their customers to provide products and services that meet their needs. In marketing, marketers should understand the target market to better appeal to their needs (Sánchez-Cabrero et al., 2018).

NHC Place at Cool Springs will provide care services to various people including the senior population, individuals with long-term health problems, such as diabetes, major surgeries, serious heart conditions, patients with drug and alcohol addiction, those who need physical therapy, and those who need palliative care. The facility targets all members from all races and age groups. It will also provide mental health and rehabilitation services. The facility will target those who need its services regardless of their income.

The population’s culture will not be considered when providing them. Some of the programs the facility will work with include Medicare, Medicaid, and TRICARE. These programs provide health insurance services to many Americans. The organization will also work with third-party payers, such as employee insurers in providing health services to their patients.

Other healthcare institutions will also be part of the organization. The facility will work with neighboring hospitals and clinics to get referrals for patients who need long-term care. Some of the healthcare organizations that will be targeted by NHC Place at Cool Springs HealthCare include Rhea Medical Center Physician Group, A Pattern Medical Clinic, A Pattern Medical Clinic, Rhea Medical Center Physician Group, and Fairfield Memorial Hospital.

The Market-Quantitative 

The healthcare facility seeks to open another office in Brownsville City. According to the Tennessee Department of Health (n.d), the state is ranked 31 in the US in terms of nursing homes that meet the CMS National Nursing Quality Care Collaborative score meaning that most of the nursing homes in the state provide quality care that is above average. The state has a composite score of 10.97% against the US average of 8.2. Image 1 below shows how states rank when it comes to nursing home care quality composite score.

Though Tennessee performs slightly above average in the provision of quality nursing home care, some of the counties still do not have proper nursing home care. Most of these areas have more African American population than whites and they include Shelby County and Haywood County. NHC Place at Cool Springs HealthCare has focused its attention on Haywood County, especially Brownsville City.

The new NHC Place at Cool Springs HealthCare branch in Brownsville can improve the sales of the organization in future because of the lack of nursing home facilities in the whole of Haywood County. Tennessee Department of Health (n.d) reports on its website that the county has zero to one nursing home facility, meaning that the majority of people from this county have challenges with accessing services provided by long-term care facilities, such as NHC Place at Cool Springs HealthCare.

The county has only one-star nursing home facilities despite being home to about 17,864 people. Image two below shows the number of nursing homes and long-term care facilities in Tennessee. In terms of quality, the county is reported to score a composite score of 5.10% as shown in image one.

Using the Marketing Plan Outline on pages 84-66 in Chapter 2

Trend Analysis

The facility has recorded a high patient volume in the last five years. According to the corporation’s financial statement, the facility admitted a total of 36000 patients in 2017. The number increased to 52 thousand in 2019. By the end of 2021, the number of patients admitted to the health facility was about 72000 a year. Based on this trend, it is projected that the facility will record high patient volume in its new branch in Brownsville since the whole county has insufficient long-term health organizations.

Most hospitals in the county are more likely to refer patients who need long-term care services to the new facility. According to the Tennessee Department of Health (n.d), most of the people from Haywood County seek long-term care services in neighboring counties with more long-term care organizations such as Shelby County.

Currently, NHC Place at Cool Springs is the best long-term healthcare facility in Franklin and among the best in Tennessee and thus has been enjoying a lot of referrals from neighboring hospitals and clinics and patients who were once served by its staff. NHC Place at Cool Springs aims to develop a three-star long-term care facility at Brownsville making it more likely to receive many referrals. Tennessee is divided into four regions. Haywood County is located in region four.

Most of the counties in this region have only 2-4 nursing home health facilities (Tennessee Department of Health, n.d). The volume of business in palliative care, rehabilitation, and senior-assisted care have increased in the past five years. The health facility will include these services in the new facility at Brownsville to attract more customers. One


Though the healthcare organization is likely to succeed in the new market, it will face some competition from already existing level-one nursing homes. One of the competitors is Tore’s Home Inc. This nursing home facility provides assisted living services. Competitors include Sugar Creek Senior Living, Sandra Barnett, and Bells Nursing Home Inc. These facilities command a huge percentage of the market share in terms of the provision of assisted living services.

However, they are one-star facilities based on a report by the Tennessee Department of Health and that is why they have not succeeded in providing quality care to residents of Brownsville. Another reason why they have not succeeded is that most of the nursing homes provide only assisted living services. They do not offer rehabilitation, diabetes management, and palliative care which are among the major health problems in the county.

Humboldt Medical Center in the City of Humboldt is also a major competitor since it has a department that provides some long-term care services. Some people from Brownsville often seek care in Humboldt at Humboldt Medical Center since most nursing facilities in the city of Brownsville do not provide services, such as diabetes management.

Humboldt Medical Center has not successfully satisfied the needs of the people of Brownsville because it is hard to access due to the long distance from the city to Humboldt. Though most nursing homes currently in Brownsville are not performing well, they might launch huge marketing campaigns to push the new NHC Place at Cool Springs facility in the city out and reclaim their market share.

Problems and Opportunities

NHC Place at Cool Springs might face some challenges when launching a new facility in Brownsville. One of the challenges it might face is finding a qualified, experienced, and competent nursing workforce to provide care. Since the new facility will be working is the senior population, it will need registered nurses who are geriatric nurse practitioners.

However, there is a shortage of geriatric nurse practitioners in the US. According to Dierckx de Casterlé et al. (2020), less than 3% of the advanced practice nurses and 1% of registered nurses are certified in providing geriatric care. As such, the new facility will have a hard time finding healthcare professionals to provide geriatric services.

Another challenge the facility might face is legal issues regarding starting a healthcare facility in Haywood County. Too much bureaucracy might prevent the NHC from putting another facility in the county. Lastly, NHC can face the financial challenge needed to put up and equip a new long-term care facility in Brownsville, considering the inflation that has been rising frequently. The corporation will need financial assistance to aid its aim of putting a new facility in Brownsville.

The NHC has not taken advantage of two opportunities. The first opportunity is funded reinvestment projects. The state of Tennessee often funds CMP Reinvestment Projects (Tennessee Department of Health, n.d). The healthcare facility can take advantage and propose projects aimed at improving the quality of long-term care and get the fundings which can be used to fund the new facility.

The Nursing Home Civil Monetary Penalty (CMP) also proposed rewards for nursing homes that have achieved high composite scores (Tennessee Department of Health, n.d). NHC can improve its score to get the rewards. Lastly, NHC has not taken advantage of social media advertising to market the new facility. Farsi (2021) noted that social media is an effective marketing platform.

Objectives and Goals

The objective of NHC is to expand its market share in Tennessee by putting up many long-term nursing homes across the state.

Long-term goal 

The goal of NHC is to become the senior care leader in investor and customer satisfaction in Brownsville. This long-term goal will be achieved using the following short-term goals;

Short-term goals 

  1. Putting up a 30-bed long-term care facility in Brownsville by the end of the 2023 financial year.
  2. Employing 10 competent and experienced nursing and physician professionals to provide quality and safe care to senior patients in the new facility.

Action Programs

The first action is looking for sourcing funding that will support the construction and equipping of the new facility in Brownsville. This action should be first on the list. The project leadership can look for funding by writing a proposal and presenting it to the relevant people and authorities. Most nursing homes in the city are one-star. Therefore, the facility put up by NHC should be of high quality to solve the issue of competition. Second, the project manager should work with Brownsville City municipal leadership and Haywood County leadership and acquire the needed certificates and papers for putting up a healthcare facility.

The third program is conducting a search and locating a good building that can be leased or bought for the purposes of the project. The fourth program is employing workers. Workers can be employed through outsourcing. Ayaad et al. (2022) noted that outsourcing is one of the effective ways of getting affordable and qualified healthcare professionals. The last program is marketing and advertising the new facility to improve its publicity. This program is the most important because it will provide the project manager which an opportunity to explain the importance of the facility to the people of Brownsville.


This marketing plan aims to improve the publicity of a new long-term healthcare facility that will be put up by NHC in Brownsville. The purpose of the facility is to improve the quality of life of the Brownsville population by improving access to long-term care services. The plan aims to improve the publicity of the new facility to improve people’s knowledge about it.


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