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[ANSWERED] For this assignment, create a mind-map beginning with a central theme related to The External

Module 2 Assignment

Mind mapping is an accelerated learning technique that accesses both sides of the human brain. It is a method that allows learners to take copious notes on a single sheet of paper, brainstorm using words, graphics, pictures, and colors. Mind-mapping helps the learner remember information longer, quickly generating ideas, organizing complex thoughts, and solving challenging problems.

For this assignment, create a mind-map beginning with a central theme related to The External and Internal Frame Factors (Chapter 3 in Keating et al., 2018).

Use pictures, graphics, colors, and symbols in creating your mind map related to the following assignment prompt:

  • Consider your community. If a nursing program exists in your community, discuss the internal and external frame factors (as identified by Keating et al., Ch 3) that would need to be considered if they were to add a new degree program (i.e., RN-to-MSN, geriatric nurse practitioner tract).
  • If no nursing program exists in your community, discuss the internal and external frame factors that would need to be considered if one would consider opening a nursing program in your community.

Required Source

Keating, S.B., & DeBoor, S.S. (2018). Curriculum development and evaluation in nursing (4th ed.). Springer. ISBN: 978-0826174413. Read Chapters 3 & 4.

Additional Resources / Tools

Lifehack. (n.d.). 11 Free Mind Mapping Applications & Web Services.

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Expert Answer and Explanation

Development of the Nursing Curriculum

The development of the nursing curricular is the hallmark for the advancement of the nursing knowledge as well as preparing competent nurses. The process of developing the curricular involves planning of the learned experiences to help improve nurses’ knowledge so that they can promote the health needs of communities. Nurse competency is increasingly becoming necessary now that experts and stakeholders in the healthcare sector are emphasizing the delivery of the quality and safe care. For institutions to produce competent nursing professionals, they need to have sound curriculum, and leverage the curriculum to prepare nurses. An institution seeking to establish a curriculum should understand all the elements or the factors that can affect its development (Ji et al., 2021). These factors can either be internal or external, and Keating (2010) provides a comprehensive description of the factors. It is important to examine the frame factors that one would need to consider when starting a new nursing program within my community.

A Discussion of the Internal and External Frame Factors that would need to be considered

Certain key elements outside the parent organization can affect curriculum development, and Keating (2010) call them external frame factors (EFF). In total, they are nine, and they range from the community description to the financial support. It is important to examine a description of these factors, and explore my community from the lens of the factors.

Community Description and Demographics of the Population

Sound description of the community where the institution is located is vital because the curriculum should be relevant to the community’s needs. To effectively describe the community, one should examine elements such as the location and the size. A small city in a rural area with a population of 100,000 people is selected for the program. White Americans are the largest group in the area considering that they account for 85% of the community’s population. Farming is the main source of income for residents, and the main crop the community grows is wheat.

Characteristics of the Academic Setting

A nursing program should be a feeder to others, and this is why Keating (2010) recommends determining the learning organizations that are within the community, and the programs they offer. There is only one technical college in the community with three high schools which are close to the town.

Political Climate and Body Politics

The government can offer immense support during the development of the curriculum. The mayor and four commissioners, one of which has a background in nursing, govern the community. Therefore, there is a chance that the commissioner will mobilize their colleagues to support it.

The Healthcare System and the Populace’s Health Needs

The knowledge of the community’s health is important in designing a curriculum, and there are a number of dimensions that one has to consider for this factor. It is important to consider the challenges the community is facing. For example, examine if there are adequate nursing professionals or facilities that can promote the health of the community. Understanding the community from this perspective is crucial because it will help the institution decide the number of nurses it needs to produce, the number of admissions (Keating & DeBoor, 2018). It will also ensure it models the curriculum in a manner that matches the needs of people within the community.

The Need for the Program

Considering that the community is experiencing the growth in the number of elderly, the new nursing curriculum should emphasize elderly care. The community, besides, has people grappling with addiction problems. A new program would need to take this into account when seeking to come up with a new curriculum (Hung et al., 2019).

The Nursing Profession

It is important for an institution to look for the availability of the programs or organizations that can support nurses. The community has a nursing association that assists nursing professionals in the area with career-related information. These associations are necessary in the sense that they can offer expert knowledge that is critical to the program’s success (Keating & DeBoor, 2018).

Regulations and Accreditation Requirements

Nursing programs are required to meet certain quality metrics, and if one wants to start a new program, they need to review the existing state and federal regulatory policies. The institution will have to assess and incorporate the requirements into its curriculum development. Besides, they will need to involve the Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing.

Financial Support

For a certain level of curriculum stability to be achieved, the institution will need to have adequate financial resources. This is necessary because the finances shape the delivery of the curriculum including its quality. The institution would require money to fund the curriculum revision. Some of the sources of funds the entity will consider include tuition, fees and donations (Aul et al., 2021).

Internal Factors

Description and organizational Structure of the Parent Academic Institution

Considering that this is a new program, the individual responsible of its development will need to decide on the faculty members, the leadership structure, and the measures to use to sustain the leadership. It will equally need to establish the skill requirements for the members of the executive.

Mission, Philosophy, and Goals of the Parent Organization

Organizational factors such as mission and goals play a crucial role in shaping its activities including the preparation of the curricular. There should be resonance between the organization’s mission, philosophy and goals, and its teaching programs (Aul et al., 2021).

Internal Economic Situation and its Influence on the Curriculum

Teaching resources including teaching materials affect the delivery of the academic content, and it is important for to consider this when thinking of establishing a nursing program. Chairs, tables and other stationary are some of the things that one should consider.


In conclusion, creating a new nursing curriculum is critical involves various procedures including identifying the requirements as well as factors that impact the whole process of building it. Some of the factors that one should consider include the political climate and the need for the program. These elements are critical to success of the process.


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Keating, S.B., & DeBoor, S.S. (2018). Curriculum development and evaluation in nursing (4th ed.). Springer. ISBN: 978-0826174413.

Lifehack. (n.d.). 11 Free Mind Mapping Applications & Web Services.

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