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Post a summary of your findings on your state based on the questions listed above

To prepare:

  • Review practice agreements in your state
  • Identify whether Colorado requires physician collaboration or supervision for nurse practitioners and, if so, what those requirements are.
  • Research the following:
    • How do you get certified and licensed in Colorado?
    • What is the application process for certification in Colorado?
    • What is the primary nurse licensure office resource website in Colorado?
    • How does Colorado define the scope of practice of a nurse practitioner?
    • What is included in your Colorado practice agreement?
    • How do you get a Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) license?
    • How does Colorado describe a nurse practitioner’s controlled-substance prescriptive authority and what nurse practitioner drug schedules are nurse practitioners authorized to prescribe?
    • In what legislative and advocacy activities are Colorado nurse practitioner organization(s) involved?

By Day 3

Post a summary of your findings on your state based on the questions listed above. Explain the types of regulations that exist and the barriers that may impact nurse practitioner independent practice in your state. Be specific. Also, describe what surprised you from your research.

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