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SOLVED! Four spheres of political action in nursing

Discuss the four spheres of political action in nursing. In addition, please develop a brief argument sharing how these spheres are interconnected and overlapping by applying an example from your practice.  What are some ethical considerations here?


Four Spheres of Political Action in Nursing

The very act of being a nurse makes one politically involved even though most nurses view themselves as politically powerless. (Cameron, Ceci, & Salas 2011). The four spheres of political action are areas where nurses have an opportunity for political involvement. Even though each sphere has its own independent function, they all work together to create change.

The four spheres of political action in nursing include the workplace, government, professional organizations and the community. (Mason, Leavitt, & Chaffee, 2013).


It addresses affecting jobs and patient care. Nurses should advocate for the issues that require a change in the workplace and also those that affect patient care. They should be politically informed to ensure that policies that regard their workplace are adequately addressed. (Cameron, Ceci, & Salas 2011).


It addresses rules, laws and regulations governing nursing practice. (Mason, Leavitt, & Chaffee, 2013). The government is the main influencer in the health care-related changes due to their role in political action. We as nurses ought to work closely with the government to create change.

Professional Organizations

They address issues that shape nursing practice. They influence policy changes in health care as contributors and also implementers. They also lobby for the political backing of the health care policies they deem beneficial to them and the community they serve.


It addresses issues that affect community health. Since they have a good understanding of the specific health needs of the population, they should work closely with nurses to address them.

For a political action in nursing to be realized, it requires input from all spheres hence they are interconnected.

In an area I was attached to, there were many incidents of domestic violence with a large number of patients being victims. Through nursing political action, we formulated policies to protect victims and stop the violence. Professional organizations were able to influence change and involve the government in implementing the changes. The hospitals served as the center for members of the community to be sensitized about the issue and also for treatment of victims. Through collaborative action from all the spheres we were able to reduce the number of cases of domestic violence reported.

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