[ANSWERED 2023] How would you explain the alignment of Atlas’ business, human resource, and staffing strategies?

How would you explain the alignment of Atlas’ business, human resource, and staffing strategies?

How would you explain the alignment of Atlas’ business, human resource, and staffing strategies?

How would you explain the alignment of Atlas’ business, human resource


Strategic Staffing at Atlas Corporation

Read the case study on pp. 28–29 in Chapter 1 of the textbook. After reading the case study, answer the following questions:

  1. How would you explain the alignment of Atlas’ business, human resource, and staffing strategies?
  2. When considering the components of strategic staffing, what is Atlas doing well with regard to staffing strategically? What could they do better?
  3. What would you suggest Atlas do to further enhance the alignment between its staffing function and its need to promote from within?
  4. Is there a benefit for Atlas to have an internal or external staffing focus in order to gain/maintain a competitive advantage? Why, or why not?

Answer all four questions in one document. Your completed case study must be no less than two full pages in length. You must use at least your textbook as a reference, but other resources may be used if needed. Any information from resources used must be cited and referenced in 7th edition APA format.

Expert Answer and Explanation

Strategic Staffing at Atlas Corporation

Organizations rely on their staff to advance performance objectives, and staffing constitutes a process that can help an organization perform more effectively. This process involves acquiring, deploying, and retaining talents which a business needs to executive the strategic and performance objectives. It constitutes the foundation of human resource control considering that it helps an organization acquire the best talents. The strategic staffing is a concept that is becoming popular among players in various industry sectors including the textile industry.

It involves the recruitment of the staff in a goal-oriented manner with focus on supporting the business strategy of an organization. To optimize performance outcomes using this kind of staffing, an organization needs to plan, source, recruit, select and retain talents (Raven et al., 2015). Atlas Corporation is committed to incorporating strategic planning into the organization’s operations, and it is imperative to examine the how this aligns with the organization’s business and human resource strategies, and propose a method that can help enhance the alignment.

Explanation of the Alignment of the Atlas’ Strategies

Atlas Corporate adopts certain strategies focused on improving performance in the areas of staffing, human resource, and business, and reflecting on the company’s case, these strategies seem to align. The company adopts a human resource strategy in which it identifies the talents it need to fill the role of the graphic designer. It also uses the social media to place adverts, and Twitter is the main site it uses for job postings. It equally uses a strategy that involves requiring job applicants to take competency tests.

The company’s human resource strategies resonate with Atlas’ staffing strategies. This is because it identifies, recruits, develops and retains individuals who can work for the company especially within the role of the graphic design. This role is at the core of the firm’s business strategies. Atlas’ business strategy aims to reduce the expenses the organization incurs on staff development, and this strategy aligns with the organization’s staffing and human resource strategies (Khatri, Gupta,  & Varma, 2017).

The Area where Atlas is doing well

Based on the initiatives and measures which Atlas Corporation is adopting, the firm seems to be staffing strategically.  The organization adopts a talent strategy focused on supporting the organization’s strategy for expanding. It particularly evaluates job applicants not only on the basis of the potential to advance their career, but on the basis of the candidates’ capacity to perform. Atlas equally uses a strategy that involves tracking key metrics, and utilization of the techniques of performance assessment (Khatri, Gupta, & Varma, 2017). Furthermore, the company is engaged in proactive recruitment process.

Atlas has various options when it comes to selecting methods of staffing strategically. The firm, for instance, may consider incorporating the cloud technology. The essence is to make it possible for the firm to manage the big portfolio size. This will equally help the organization communicate with the applicants who were unsuccessful in acquiring job positions with the company. This communication will help provide them with assurance that the company will consider their applications in future. Another option is reducing the time it takes to communicate the results of the competency tests to the candidates.

Suggestion for Improvement

It is important for Atlas to align staffing functions with the need to promote from within. To realize this objective, the company should focus on screening for the applicants’ attributes which resonate with the organization’s strategic objectives. The use of the internal promotion metrics rates sourced from various agencies which recruit for employers, can equally help the organization optimize the recruitment outcomes. Using this data, the firm can have an easy time selecting the best talent. Pursuing the approach of motivating workers can help an organization retain its workforce (Paulsen, 2018). Accordingly, Atlas should come up with incentives which encourage workers to work for the organization (Straw, 2018).

Internal or External Staffing Focus

Atlas can accrue benefits from focusing on the internal and external staffing, and these benefits can help the company to become competitive. Just like any industry, the textile industry is competitive, and to stay afloat, players in the sector need to have effective internal operations which can help firms produce competitive products and services. For the Atlas Corporation, the focus on the internal and external recruitment offers myriad benefits which can help the organization become competitive (Straw, 2018). A key benefit which the firm can gain from the focus on this area is producing competitive products. This will ultimately help the firm improve its competitive edge against rival firms.


In conclusion, strategic staffing intertwine with the performance, and when an organization wants to perform effectively, it needs to align the strategies for staffing with those of the human resource and business. By achieving this alignment, an organization’s processes become more efficient, and this results to the improved performance. Atlas’ strategies, as defined in the case, seem to have a certain level of impact when it comes to improving performance level of the organization. This is because the staffing strategy helps the firm recruit skilled workers. However, the firm should work with recruiters to attract skilled workers.


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