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[ANSWERED] The purpose of the research proposal is to help you to understand your project, to gain direction and feedback on your project

Follow the directions below for the completion of the Research Proposal assignment for Unit III.

  • Purpose: The purpose of the research proposal is to help you to understand your project, to gain direction and feedback on your project, and to establish a blueprint for your project.
  • Description: In this assignment, you will create a research proposal consisting of three sections:
    • Section 1: What is the topic? (100-150 words)
    • Section 2: What is the controversy? Include paragraphs that detail both sides of the controversy. (300-400 words)
    • Section 3: Your tentative thesis statement (one to two sentences)

All sources must be documented via APA citations and references. You may also seek out the guidance of the Success Center; the specialists are always there to assist you with your writing and comprehension.

Expert Answer and Explanation

Research Proposal


The research proposal topic is to examine “The Impacts of Sex Education on High School Going Adolescents.” The topic was arrived at as it is essential as it captures information concerning the need for sex education in high school adolescents. The topic is based on the premise that the number of teenage pregnancies has been on the rise, and the main means of mitigation or prevention is through sex education (Ericksen, & Weed, 2019). The adolescents in high school were decided upon because they present with a high number of teenage pregnancies. In retrospect, the topic will offer insights concerning the impacts that prevention through ex education will impact the prevalence of teenage pregnancies as well as aspects of the sexually transmitted disease or infections.

Controversy and Thesis Statement

Many school adolescents are undergoing changes with their bodies, and growth hat constantly affects their actions and behavior. In this period, many are engaged in risky behaviors and the need to explore new events and phenomena that they listen to the view of have read in their own time. Some of these behaviors might include the indulgence in sexual activity due to the thought that they have become adults and have to experiment or have relationships with each other (Piotrowski, & Hedeker, 2016). While adolescents might be taught on the normal school disciplines regarding their majors, it is essential to provide sex education.

The lack of or the inadequacy of proper sex education leads to a group of uninformed adolescents who have to understand their processes and changes through trial and error (Marseille et al., 2018). While some may behave in a reserved manner, others may choose to exploit the changes in their hormonal imbalance and explore different impulses that they have within, including engaging in sexual behaviors. However, through sexual education, it becomes easy to pass critical information concerning growth and changes. Teenage adolescents, regardless of preexisting medical conditions or disabilities, have the capacity to benefit when they are given developmental and accurate information concerning the socio-cultural, biological, relational, psychological, and spiritual attributes of their sexuality. Sex education can be shared and taught in communities, schools, medical offices, and homes by the use of evidence-based interventions. In this regard, adolescents can be advised or shown the best alternative to growth and development towards a safe and positive perception of sexuality (Constantine et al., 2015). For instance, the initiation of short-term effects concerning the rights-based sexuality education curriculum can be a crucial aspect of high school going students.

The research proposal makes use of various articles related to sex education and teenage pregnancies to inform on the different aspects concerning sex education and prevention of mitigation mechanisms. For instance, adolescents can be provided with programs that focus on teen pregnancy prevention (Marseille et al., 2018). Similarly, programs such as Be the Exception can be introduced to create in students the need to be different and uphold their sexual desires in the bod to avoid teenage pregnancy. On the other hand, the impacts of sex education on high school going students can be affected by the attitudes of the teaches concerning aa curricula that emphasize abstinence-only (Bowden et al., 2003). Sex education entails more than instructions that the adolescents have to follow regarding the physiology and anatomy of biological reproduction and sex. However, the research ought to cover a wide spectrum of teaching concerning gender identity, sexual development, intimacy, interpersonal relationship, teenage pregnancy, and availability of medication in the event of infection or pregnancy.


Bowden, R. G., Lanning, B. A., Pippin, G., & Tanner Jr, J. F. (2003). Teachers’ attitudes towards abstinence-only sex education curricula. Education123(4), 780-790.

Constantine, N. A., Jerman, P., Berglas, N. F., Angulo-Olaiz, F., Chou, C. P., & Rohrbach, L. A. (2015). Short-term effects of a rights-based sexuality education curriculum for high-school students: a cluster-randomized trial. BMC public health15(1), 293.

Ericksen, I. H., & Weed, S. E. (2019). Re-Examining the Evidence for School-Based Comprehensive Sex Education: A Global Research Review. Issues in Law & Medicine34(2).

Marseille, E., Mirzazadeh, A., Biggs, M. A., Miller, A. P., Horvath, H., Lightfoot, M., … & Kahn, J. G. (2018). Effectiveness of school-based teen pregnancy prevention programs in the USA: A systematic review and meta-analysis. Prevention Science19(4), 468-489.

Piotrowski, Z. H., & Hedeker, D. (2016). Evaluation of the be the exception sixth-grade program in rural communities to delay the onset of sexual behavior. American journal of public health106(S1), S132-S139.

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