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[SOLVED 2022] Developing employees through the implementation of training and development opportunities is a primary function of human resource management

Unit IV Essay

Developing employees through the implementation of training and development opportunities is a primary function of human resource management (HRM). Performance measurement and appraisals are one way to determine what type of additional training is needed to ensure employee success.

Imagine that you have been hired as the human resource manager at an organization where you have previously worked or are currently working. Your first task is to assess areas for improving training and development and the performance appraisal system within the organization. Write an essay on your analysis of these two areas. Address the questions below in your assignment. Use headers to organize your paper and show what you are covering in your assignment.

Training and Development Analysis

  • What are the steps of the new hire training process? Are there any steps missing that you would add?
  • As the human resource manager, how would you evaluate the training needs of your staff?
  • How can you ensure that the training you would provide is effective? What data might be used to make your conclusion?
  • What considerations would you make for employee learning styles?
  • How would future training and development be impacted through human resource planning?
  • Do you have a plan to shape employee behavior within your organization? Why, or why not?

Performance Appraisal Analysis

  • As the human resource manager, what are two best practices you would follow when planning for employee performance appraisals?
  • What performance methods would you choose over other methods?
  • What are two of the common problems with appraisals? How would you avoid them in your organization?
  • What components do you think are required for effective human resource planning?

Be sure to include an introduction. Support your essay with a minimum of two references. Your essay must be at least two pages in length, not counting the title or reference pages. Adhere to APA style when constructing this assignment, including in-text citations and references for all sources that are used. Please note that no abstract is needed.


Unit IV Essay

In my former job, a thorough process was put in place to ensure that all new hires were conversant with the organizational culture and their tasks. Observably, the company invested a lot of time and resources in training new workers, and it was clear to see the results through the high performance of the workers. However, if I was rehired in the organization, there are different aspects of the process I would change to make it more accommodating to different employee skills.

Training And Development Analysis

Steps Of The New Hire Training Process

The first step in the organization was to identify the training needs of the employees. The needs were mainly gotten from the job requirements. After identifying the needs, the employees were trained on how to perform them and how they can ensure they abide by the organization’s structure. After the training, the employees are given various tasks to complete post-training, and any questions asked are answered (Amegayibor, 2021). In training, I would add the importance of being innovative in the job to encourage evidence-based practice.

How I Would Evaluate The Training Needs Of The Staff

As a human resource manager, I would evaluate the training needs of the staff by observing their performance. There needs to be retraining in areas where employees do not perform well or as expected. Moreover, it is essential to constantly train employees, especially when there is a system change at the workplace (Amegayibor, 2021). This ensures that they can adapt to the changes efficiently and effectively. I would also evaluate the needs by asking them what they need more training on, as this would guarantee increased productivity on the issue.

How To Ensure That The Training Is Effective

To ensure the training is effective, I would collect data on their previous and later performances. If there is no improvement in the performance, I would know that the training was unsuccessful. However, if there were positive changes in the performance, I would know that the training is practical.

Considerations For Employee Learning Styles

Employees have varying learning styles, and incorporating them ensures that they can all understand what is needed in their performance. To ensure that all employees are included, Io would have varying options, including visual, audio, kinesthetic and reading. The employees would choose their preferred training method for better success.

Plan To Shape Employee Behavior

It is crucial to shaping employee behavior to ensure that it is in line with the goals and organizational structure of the company. Some employees tend to be arrogant, especially if they consider themselves good at their job (Mahadevan & Yap, 2019). I would shape their behavior to ensure that they are always ready to cooperate in their workplace.

Performance Appraisal Analysis

Two Best Practices When Planning Employee Performance Appraisal

In a performance appraisal, a company can understand how the employee has contributed to the company’s development. One commendable practice in performance appraisal is creating a 360-degree feedback initiative. Through the initiative, employees get anonymous feedback from their coworkers, managers and other people they interact with (Hosain, 2016). Through the feedback, they can determine how their performance was and areas of improvement. It is, however, important to only use measurable numbers because of the employee does not get along with a coworker, they can quickly receive a negative review.

Another practice is providing concrete examples of the performance. It is important to highlight both the positive areas and the areas that need improvement. This will ensure that the employee perceives the change positively, and while they are proud of their achievements, they are willing to work on improving various areas of performance.

Why I Chose The Performance Methods  Over Other Methods

The two methods discussed are integral to understanding the employee’s performance in real-time. Employees can keep up a face of good performance to the managers, but the people interacting with the employee daily understand the actual performance (Hosain, 2016). By asking several people to review an employee, it will be possible to determine their actual performance. It is also essential to have specific measurements to ensure that the employees are given both the positive and negative aspects of their performance, prompting their improvement.

Common Problems With Appraisals And How To Avoid Them

One of the issues experienced is the Halo effect which occurs when the reviewer generalizes the performance traits to match all other aspects being studied. As a result, an employee who has many areas for improvement can perform well. On the other hand, an employee who generally performs well might be given a negative review based on one aspect of the evaluation. To avoid the issue, it is crucial for the people evaluating to have an accurate method and determine all aspects of the employee (Yoon, 2021).

Another issue is stereotyping, where a model is attributed to a given group of people and created over time. Through the model, a person’s performance is mainly determined by the performance of their group. As a result, the reviews can be significantly flawed. The evaluation method should not be sensitive to a particular group to prevent this.

Components Required For Effective Human Resource Planning

The four functions required include acquisition, development, motivation and maintenance. The acquisition is important as it ensures that the managers are well aware of the workforce needed to run the company. Through the development, managers effectively improve the performance of the employees by providing the required training (Boon et al. 2019). The motivation aspect ensures that the managers can keep the employees motivated in achieving their goals. This leads to the fourth component, where the managers create conditions that will ensure low turnover of the employees.


Amegayibor, G. K. (2021). Training and development methods and organizational performance: A case of the local government organization in Central Region, Ghana. Journal of Social, Humanity, and Education2(1), 35-53.

Boon, C., Den Hartog, D. N., & Lepak, D. P. (2019). A systematic review of human resource management systems and their measurement. Journal of management45(6), 2498-2537.

Hosain, S. (2016). 360 Degree Feedback as a Technique of Performance Appraisal: Does it Really Work?. Asian Business Review6(1).

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Yoon, D. (2021). How Can Personnel Performance Evaluation Systems Be Improved?. SAGE Open11(1), 2158244020986538.

Alternative Expert Answer

Managing the Employees’ Training Needs

Training and Development Analysis

The Procedures for Training of the New Hire

  1. Selection of the onboarding method: This can either be formal or informal. The former involves assistance from an instructor or a mentor. The latter entails the use of non-structured method.
  2. Determine and mobilize the hires’ strengths, and leverage on the same to meet training goals.
  3. Track the learning to ensure they understand all the necessary details concerning the organization (Chaghari et al., 2017).
  4. Assess and monitor how their learning progresses.
  5. Subsequently assess learning progress at different phases.

The step I would add in this training process is evaluating the outcome at the end of the training.

Evaluating the Staff Training Needs

  1. Make decisions on what the goal of the training is.
  2. Examine the requirements such as skills which can meet the training goal.
  3. Use the Compliance-Clarification-Culture-Connection (Four C’s) to determine the degree of their knowledge.

Ensuring the Effectiveness of the Training

  1. Ensure the context of the training is clear so that trainees understand expectations.
  2. Identify and use trainees’ preferred style of learning.
  3. Use metrics such as performance at work at different stages of training.
  4. Use evidence of the methods which have worked elsewhere to guide the training (Sung & Choi, 2014).

Considerations for Employees’ Styles of Learning

  1. Use visual methods if trainees prefer using visuals when learning.
  2. Give texts and notes to learners who like learning by reading.
  3. Provide audio content to learners who would like to use aural methods.
  4. For trainees who would like to learn using kinesthetic technique, use simulation software.

Impacting the Future Training and Development

  1. Human Resource (HR) planning will help develop framework that gathers the trainees’ details such as skills which will help inform the hires’ learning needs.
  2. The plan which the HR develops will help identify hires with specific skills which require further development.

Shaping Employee Behavior

  1. Encourage employees to be well-behaved by enforcing positive behaviors.
  2. Use compliance standards to dictate how employees should behave.
  3. Administer punishment for wrong behavior.

Performance Appraisal Analysis

Practices to Plan Employee Appraisal

  1. Ensure that the evaluation of the employees’ performance is part of the organization’s culture. This will ensure that the organization continuously appraise the performance of the staff to assess their capacity to produce.
  2. Tie the appraisal of the performance to the organization’s objectives and strategy. This will ensure that as the organization works on its objectives, it also appraises employees’ performance (Sartori et al., 2018).

Performance Methods I am likely to Choose over the others.

  1. Use psychological appraisals. This technique can help when assessing the effectiveness of a training program that specifically trains the change of behavior.
  2. Behaviorally Anchored Rating Scale (BARS). Using this method is important because it has a high level of reliability and accuracy. It is therefore important for appraising (Moradi, Mehraban, & Moeini, 2017).

Appraisal Challenges

  1. The staff resistance: Results when members of the staff resist a training in which they have to learn new ways of performing work functions.
  2. The biases of the person conducting the appraisal. This may occur because the appraiser wants to favor another person (Moradi et al., 2017).

Requirements for Human Resource Planning

  1. Analysis of the currently available labor supply.
  2. Providing support for the goals and objectives which the organization seeks to realize.
  3. Assessing the future demand for labor.


Chaghari, M., Saffari, M., Ebadi, A., & Ameryoun, A. (2017). Empowering Education: A New Model for In-service Training of Nursing Staff. Journal of advances in medical education & professionalism5(1), 26–32. Retrieved from

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