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[SOLVED 2022] For this assignment select a specific business; it can be one you work for or, better yet, one you would like to work for in the future. Make sure the company you select

Unit VIII Assignment 1


For this assignment select a specific business; it can be one you work for or, better yet, one you would like to work for in the future. Make sure the company you select meets the following criteria: It must have a written code of ethics and operate at the benevolent level of CSR (corporate social responsibility).

Search online for the company’s website, and review its code of ethics and its report on its corporate social responsibility programs; be sure to identify any of its sustainability practices—this may be a separate link.

Write a report on your chosen company’s code of ethics and CSR. In your report, address whether you believe that leaders of organizations have a duty to all stakeholders or just to stockholders. Present a business argument either for or against corporate social responsibility.

Be sure to include an introduction. Your report must be at least two pages in length, not counting the title or reference pages. Adhere to APA style when constructing this assignment, including in-text citations and references for all sources that are used. Please note that no abstract is needed.


Unit VIII Assignment 1


In an attempt to offer fulfilled services to clients, companies have set code of ethics that also allow them to avoid manipulation of different stakeholders. The presence of corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs by companies also allows them to participate in community development activities and hence boost their reputations among current and existing customers (Jamali, Lund-Thomsen, & Jeppesen, 2017). Google is one of the multinational companies that have a strong code of ethics and CSR practices that provide a ground for establishing sustainable practices in the management of the organization.

Review of the Company’s Code of Ethics on its CSR Programs

The guiding code of conduct in Google is that everything done in the business should be set within the highest applicable standards of business conduct. This includes the individual respect of the users of the company products and commitment to attending to their individual needs. As a part of the ethics of the company, the core values of usefulness, integrity, security, privacy, take action, responsiveness, and freedom of expression build to the sustenance of moral practices (Alphabet Investor Relations, 2020). Being a technology company, Google is more concerned with ensuring data privacy and proper management of information (Whelan, 2019). For example, during Google-enabled surveys, the company has put in place features that prohibit any party from extracting data from other parties without their informed consent. Such elements have contributed to the success of the company.

Among the CSR operations of Google is Google Green, a project in which Google products are focused to conserving the environment. Under this project, Google has invested over 1 billion USD in the renewable energy projects of different companies (Alphabet Investor Relations, 2020). Other CSR operations mainly affect the employees, where the company ensures proper employee compensation and workplace designs that are convenient.

Sustainable Practices

Some of the sustainable practices of the company include equal employment opportunity, where the employee recruitment process in the company is purely based on merit. Sexual, physical, mental, or any other form of harassment is condemned in the organization. The company has a solid reporting system where employees who face discrimination or bullying, even from the managers, can report the perpetrators (Dasgupta, Nagaraj, & Nagamani, 2016). To ensure that the company environment is safe, it prevents any form of substance abuse that could alter the normal working of the individuals in the organization.

Duty of the Organizational Leaders to all Stakeholders

Organizational leaders are responsible to ensuring a suitable environment not only to stockholders but all to the entire stakeholders. This is especially because they are the overall managers of firms, and failure to follow the proper leadership guidelines could mean inadequate managerial representation. Google’s organizational leaders are expected to help employees enjoy a safe environment, customers enjoy the company products, and stockholders to generally have proper returns on their investments (Alphabet Investor Relations, 2020).


Google is one of the companies that have solid CSR and programs that allow the engagement of the company with the immediate environment. The code of ethics of Google also allows proper privacy and data security, which could otherwise be among some of the major problems in the technology giant. Sustainable practices in the company include but are not limited to a hiring system that is based on merit. 


Alphabet Investor Relations, (2020). Google Code of Conduct.

Dasgupta, A., Nagaraj, R., & Nagamani, K. (2016). An internet of things platform with Google eddy stone beacons. Journal of Software Engineering and Applications9(6), 291-295.

Jamali, D., Lund-Thomsen, P., & Jeppesen, S. (2017). SMEs and CSR in developing countries. Business & Society56(1), 11-22.

Whelan, G. (2019). Born political: A dispositive analysis of Google and copyright. Business & Society58(1), 42-73.

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