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[SOLVED 2022] Define what is meant by information. Define what is meant by data. Create two matrices


In this unit, you have learned about management information systems (MIS) and the importance of it. For this assignment, compose a paper that discusses the key differences between data, information, information technology (IT), and information systems (IS). Your paper should address the components listed below. Define what is meant by information. Define what is meant by data. Create two matrices (one for data and one for information) that illustrate the key differences between information and data, place the matrices into your paper, and briefly discuss the differences in one or two paragraphs. Each matrix should contain characteristics and/or facts about the subjects (data and information) that show how they are different. Define IT. Define IS. Using the five-component model as an example, discuss some differences between IT and IS. your paper must be a minimum of two pages in length (not counting the title and reference pages), and you must use at least two resources as references. Any information from these resources must be cited and referenced in APA format.

Expert Answer and Explanation

Unit 1 Management

MIS collects data from various systems online, initiates information analysis and thus announces data, in order to help in a policy, build up (Laudon & Laudon, 2012). There are three components of MIS: – Management, Information, and System. These three components aid in building decisions for the managing of the organization. In regard to the achievements, MIS is a significant aid for improved decision and strategy making. Goals can be quickly achieved by a complete acknowledgment of these elements (Laudon & Laudon, 2012).

Definition of Data and Information

       DATA is underdone, a disorderly attribute that requires to be organized. When data is presented in a provided subject to summon its utilization, it is called INFORMATION.

Key-Differences Between Data and Information

Data are simplified wordings and numerals, whereas information is interpreted data. Similarly, data is preserved in a computer system or just crammed up by an individual while information is more authentic ascompared to data, in addition to this, an exact examination is undergone for the conversion of data into information by the monitor. Moreover, data are facts that are gathered casually and context that is analyzed, to sum up, the given assets and information is something that ends up providing a significance to the data in a modified manner.

Data may not always be the facet that satisfies the need of the investigator, but information is always specific to the required investigation because every meaningless figure is abolished, during the processing of data. Furthermore, the data collected has a questionable application to the researcher as during its compilation, it does not imply its relevance. Conversely, information is worthy to him to bring out its particular use. Therefore, data is never contingent on information, in contrast with, information that totally counts on the data provided.

Definition of IT and IS

       IT -Information Technology is the use of a computing system to preserve, redeem, transfer, and handle data or information (Davies, 2008).IS -Information Systems is a study of systems with a particular backing to information and the free networks of hardware and software that individuals employ to gather, filter, analyze, develop and also dispense data.

Difference Between It and Is

       Based on Five Component Model: -Hardware, software, data, procedures, and people are the five components of an information system; on the analysis of which it is proposed that how these components are brought into service to develop a completely workable system.

IT engages with the technological aspects that aids in the information systems themselves. On the other hand, IS is the arch between the user and the technology. IT is a subdivision of IS.IS is described as an overarching umbrella while IT groups under the IS umbrella.IS concentrates on the given information, whereas IT aids in the collection and the analysis of information. Therefore, the prime asset is the information here, but IT is dedicated more towards computer software and hardware. IS management is related to the optimization of systems in contrast with IT management that deals with the maintenance of hardware. Apart from this, IS is concerned with the development of IS policy that goes along with vast business aims and claims its specified functions, but IT focuses on framing the necessity to be determined.


Subsequently, for a swift approach towards the attainment of a refined and precise form of data and else to aid the researchers on a particular project of interest, MIS becomes the ultimate idea of productivity. MIS is of great help for the organization that it leaves a great influence on the developer’s performance, roles, and ultimately efficiency MIS provides help in subsequent phases to the managers and thus, in turn, provides great assistance, to come up with a perfectly planned policy.

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