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SOLVED! When taking care of patients, why do you think it is important to utilize the appropriate resources?

How do you think evidence from nursing journals affects patient care?

Small Group Discussion

  1. When taking care of patients, why do you think it is important to utilize the appropriate resources?
  2. How do you think evidence from nursing journals affects patient care?
  3. What role does using the right evidence play in being a professional nurse?
  4. What role does understanding plagiarism and academic integrity play in being a professional nurse?


Class Discussion

When taking care of patients, it is important to make use of the appropriate resources mainly because they are the main determinants of the delivery of quality care and positive patient output (EIU, 2018). Resources can span from equipment, information evidence to support the delivery of care, or to prove the equality of provision of the said care. Resources also offer informative guidelines or steps that can be used during care provision.

Evidence from nursing journals affects patient care by restructuring the current knowledge to become common care decisions used in the implementation or improvement of patient care and outcomes (EIU, 2018). Nurses can understand different information from the different categories of EBP, such as randomized control, personal experience, opinion from clinical experts, and the evidence retrieved from case controls, cohorts, or observational studies. This information aid in patient-centered care that will offer a specific treatment option that will best assist the patient in recovery. Personalized care is crucial to the provision of quality care.

The right evidence plays a crucial role in being a professional nurse as it provides scientific research that enables the making of well-founded decisions. Professional nurses can become updated on the new medication protocols for quality care and improved patient outcomes (LoBiondo-Wood, & Haber, 2017). A professional nurse might search for published interventions that are best fit for their patient’s profile in order to increase the chances of recovery. In this manner, the nurses will be able to include their patients in their treatment and recovery plans. According to Carter, Hussey, & Forehand (2019), the understanding of plagiarism and academic integrity plays a crucial role in being a professional nurse because one is able to acknowledge evidence of research by other experts and avoid ethical issues.


Carter, H., Hussey, J., & Forehand, J. W. (2019). Plagiarism in nursing education and the ethical implications in practice. Heliyon5(3), e01350.

EIU. (2018). Why Is Evidence-Based Practice in Nursing so Important?. Eastern Illinois University. Retrieved 22 May 2020, from

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How do you think evidence from nursing journals affects patient care?

Develop and submit a personal leadership philosophy that reflects what you think are characteristics of a good leader

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